Once again, a pitting of our local pseudo-scientific racialists

In this thread and this one, Chief Pedant and brazil84 have been… profligate, let’s say, in promoting their hypothesis that the best explanation for disparate outcomes (educational, economic, and crime) between different ethnicities/races is genetic. That is, that black people are inherently dumber. They repeat the same sad, tired old arguments we’ve seen so many times, all without a hint of actual genetic evidence (that is, the genes responsible and their relative abundance in different populations). And CP, hilariously, counters nearly every argument with the same silly comparisons to Creationism, which is highly ironic from a supporter of a hypothesis with no supporting evidence. I’d like to call attention to a few gems- an apparent mind-reading of how all scientists in the field think, an implication that major historical events have no consequences, an outright admission that there is no supporting genetic evidence for his position, a repeated dismissal and disregard for any and all contrary evidence, and my favorite, an inference that importation of modern weaponry implies genetic inferiority.

So mock them, point and laugh, and pity their backwards, 19th century, unscientific minds, all in this thread. They fail miserably, again and again, and come back for more- and always with the same tired, old, refuted studies and claims.

Undoubtedly some will call for ignoring them- and that’s fine. I choose not to, chiefly because I think it’s in the best interests of “fighting ignorance” to point out the weakness and failures of these tired arguments. I don’t expect to change their minds- but I think it’s important that pseudoscientific nonsense like this gets appropriately challenged and mocked.

Incidentally many “modern” racists are linking population and the environment to bolster anti-immigrant agendas.

The chutzpa comes from them for assuming that people do not have the internet to check with reliable sources that report where most of their stupid and sorry rhetoric is coming from.

Do you truly believe otherwise? That black people are just as smart as whites and Asians genetically, and they just haven’t had the right environment to apply their natural intelligence? Nobody believes that shit deep down, but nobody is willing to say it either, in this apparent effort to prove how liberal and modern and enlightened they are.

Another one! They’re just coming out of the woodwork here. Apparently belief in racial superiority has a strong correlation with belief in mind-reading. I wonder if there’s a genetic link?

Nice dodging the question. So, where are all the black physicists and mathematicians and engineers and… oh, right, it’s the SYSTEM that’s keeping them down. :rolleyes:

One of the classic claims of many fanatics; that everyone really knows that they are in the right but just refuses to admit it.


…They’re out there working as physicists and mathemeticians and engineers?

Or maybe Carl Sagan was just a big ol’ shill for affirmative action

One of them works about three doors down from my office. Another is around the corner, in the biostatistics area. Head down the hall from there, and you’ll find two African Americans, but they’re not physicists or mathematicians or engineers, they’re medical doctors.

So, you know, you’re a moron.

There are lots and lots of black physicists, including one of the most famous in the world (Neil deGrasse Tyson), black mathematicians, and black engineers. You are being very foolish.

I’m always happy to learn there’s some racist piece of shit on this board I wasn’t previously aware of so I know not to engage them and rather just PALATR. Hi, Rigamarole!

Though, really, this post should have clued me in on how deep your head is buried up your ass. Cheers!

Isn’t CP a Native-American? If so, that’s just another one of those ironic user names I guess.

There is also the POTUS, people may disagree with him but you don’t graduate from Havard Law without being really smart.


he killed Pluto in a drive by, he’s just a gangsta.

Loooking at the links, I can see that brazil84 also plays loose with historical facts just as with the scientific ones.

He claims that Haiti has been free of whites for hundreds of years, completely ignoring the interventions, invasions and occupations by the USA in the early and late 20th century.

The early one was still less than 100 years old.


And as I can tell you about what happened in Central America it was a very, very bad idea to leave just the military as the only effective institution after an occupation. It usually destroys all the good it was achieved elsewhere.

Who, ironically enough, was labelled an intellectual elitist when he asked a bunch of really smart people to be on his cabinet.

The chief scientist at my old company was black and brilliant (and is currently a professor at Johns Hopkins). The best professor I had in the applied mathematics department when I went to grad school was black. There are a bunch of black scientists and engineers at my current place of employment.

You, Rigamarole, are a moron. It has nothing to do with the system keeping them down, it has to do with history and socioeconomic forces.

I am going to get nailed for this one too but I think it is a logical point that needs to be made. Let’s just assume that everyone on the planet has exactly the same intellectual potential due to some mysterious force. However, we know that not everyone is meeting that potential for whatever reason. Let’s assume it is strictly environmental and socioeconomic for the sake of argument.

In the U.S. today, most black people went to primary and secondary schools that are either under-performing as a whole (inner city schools, poor rural schools, historically black colleges) or they went to a good school and generally under-performed there by any standard that can be measured by any test ever invented by anyone. Occasionally, you will get a really smart black American like some people on this board or someone like President Obama (who came from very atypical background) but that isn’t common for the demographic general.

Given that, is still it incorrect to say that, in general, black people in the U.S. today are intellectually inferior to other groups for whatever reason? What further can be done about it? Please explain your answer without hate because I have none. It is an honest question that the left/progressives/liberals seem to dance around.

The point of this pitting is not because the pittees feel black people are intellectually inferior for whatever reason; it’s because they feel black people are intellectually inferior because they’re black people. So, your pile o’ assumptions isn’t necessarily valid for the discussion at hand. Perhaps you could open a thread in Great Debates about it.

So what university do you work at?