Once again, Identify a Song from a Vague Description!

This is going to be vague even by the standards of these threads, but here we go. I used to have, when I was a kid, a tape of Tom Lehrer, with a strange song (not by him) at the end, which I am trying to find. It started out with clonking cow bells, and then had a techno-ish beat with various MOOOOOOO mooooo MOOOOOO noises, rhythmic and not displeasing. That’s all there is to this song; apparently constipated cows mooing over a techno drum track with some synthesiser background.

As I am indulging in a fit of childhood nostalgia, I want to listen to this song again, but this tape is long gone to the great spooler in the sky. Does anyone recognise this, and better yet, is it available on the great Intarwebs?

I don’t know the song, but I have to say, your description of the song had me laughing and now I want to hear this song! I think it was the phrase “Constipated cows” that tipped me over the edge… :smiley:


Oh nonono. Most definitely not. This song is not by TL; it’s far less sophisticated. It just happened to be on the end of a tape of TL songs. It’s an awful song, quite frankly, but sometimes you crave that sort of thing…

Thanks for looking, though!

This actually fits the description, though I’d be shocked if it was really it. Maybe it’s a remix of it.

That’s it! That’s it! Well, it’s a remix, but good heavens. Nostalgia!

So what I did, armed with the amazing knowledge that it’s called The Cow Song, was to hit Google and found it. The original. Just as I remember it. The video is definitely weird and NSFW, but the song is as curious and memorable as I remember. Apparently it’s by a group called Von Matterhorn Project, and it’s called MUH. Who knew?

http:// www .youtube.com/watch?v=mBAJEioMMuY

Love the Cheney reference.

That swiss milkmaid animation certainly seems familiar.

I used to have this on video, taped off the Australian late-night MTV in 1987, along with “Sledgehammer”, “You Might Think”, “Take On Me”, etc. I immediately knew what you were talking about.