"Cows with guns" - name that tune

Check out this very cute flash animation http://www.theflasharchive.com/f/f-50.htm. I really loved this, but the tune of the song is driving me crazy. It’s so familiar … Is it based on some other song? Any ideas?


I’m far too lazy to read that, but it sounds like it’s more or less original.

Coundn’t check the link, but have heard the song “Cows with Guns” on the “Risky Buiscuit” radio show in Reno.

Maybe you can find some info on the website. Search for “100.1 KTHX” and see what comes up. I don’t know if that will pull up anything or not. I’ve been out in the garage drinking for the weekend.

The song “Cows with Guns” was written by Dana Lyons. I just read some of his biography and the story behind the song. Nothing is mentioned about the tune being based on another song so if that is the case it was probably unintentional.

On second thought, are thinking of the song “Big, Bad John” by Jimmy Dean? I seem to recall the chorus being a bit similar to “Cows”.

As a child of the 80s, I remember something serious, po-faced, and studenty-protest-ish with the lyric Mao Tse Tung! as a main line in it. This is a take on that. Same tune. When I first heard “Cows”, I half remembered the original, but it’s gone now…

That’s it! The “Cows with Guns” part really reminds me of “Big, Bad John”. Thanks, it’s been driving me crazy!

I have a version of that song by Jim Stafford. I thought he had written it.

Happy I could help. :smiley: