Once, Twice, Thrice, ....?

I know that “thrice” has mostly fallen out of common usage in English. But I’ve never heard single words for “four times,” “five times,” etc. Did they ever exist? What are/were they?

For what it’s worth, my brother noticed that “thrice” was still used pretty commonly in Kenyan English.

That sounds so silly that not even Lionel Richie could say it.

Once, Twice, Thrice, PERIOD.

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What more can you say?

…four times a lady?

That’s a bit too much lady for me I think.

Well, since “x” means “times,” I suggest fourx, fivex, sixx, etc.

1, 2, & 3 are also the only ones which don’t follow the “th” pattern for forming ordinals - they’re just different.

Sez some dude on STUMPERS-L:

How would that get pronounced :dubious: ?
Once, twice , thrice, ‘forks’?