Quick, what's the word I'm looking for?

If you have a song and you’ve listened to it 4 times you’d say that the song had four playings? listens? ???

Plays, surely?



Thanks, I think ‘plays’ will work fine.

Plays or playthroughs.

Personally, I’d say I had played it or listened to it four times.

Yes, but they’re not asking for a verb to describe the action, but rather a noun to describe the occurence.

Agreed. But the OP asked what “you’d say.”

Yes, but saying “the song had four plays” might have unfortunate connotations! :smiley:

“Spins” for all the hipsters.

I never knew I was a hipster until just now. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? :confused:


I used it in the following way:

The exact time it takes to drive from home to daycare equates to that of back-to-back-to-back pre-schooler requested (nay, demanded) plays of the Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’.

If you’re listening to the radio and they play the same song four times in the time you’re listening, the song has “had four plays.”

If you are a music critic and you are writing about how many times you played the song for the review, you would say you “gave it four listens.” It is somewhat colloquial but appropriate in that context.

It can go either way. There’s being hip, and then there’s going over the top. As long as you’re in the former camp, you’re good. :wink:

Did you correct the punctuation?

“Playings” might be more accurate than “plays,” though it sounds strange.

I think you could use “renditions” even though the principle value of using that word is to carry an implication that each play was subtly different (as, for instance if it had been a live performance or four different recordings instead of the exact same digital recording).

If it’s the same recording, I definitely would **not **use renditions.