Once Upon A Time Season 5 Second Half (No Spoilers Once Episode Has Aired)

They had me crying in the first five minutes with that lovely scene between Neal and Emma.

It was great bumping into all the old villains, seeing Cruella’s car go driving by, although they had a one-off of a character just to dump him into the fiery pit. For a second there I thought they were setting up Cora to be Hades, but, instead, it’s Greg Germann!

I want Henry to run into Peter Pan. I also liked the set up that the heroes are going to free all the souls from the underworld (which in OUATLand, appears to be limbo, not hell.)

I’m a little worried that Rumple is going back to Storybrooke…what havoc could he wreak with only Belle, who is wearing a woolen cap all the way down to her chin, to stop him?

My question from the winter finale…I thought the dwarves were also hit by the Dark Ones. Why didn’t they also appear at the river when the ferry came to get them?

Seeing how he’s trying to keep her from finding out that he’s the Dark One again, I think anything he does will be very low key. I don’t expect him to go berserk.

Also, I keep thinking that despite not wanting to help any of the souls, he will have some decency in him and help at least one.

I don’t know…he’s got all the Dark Ones from the beginning of time. Maybe he’ll take over as Hades. :smiley: