One final done, and argh

The last question on the final I just finished was about the drag on this bullet, I need to find some information about it after a certain amount of time. So I’m deriving the velocity function, and it gets faster? WTF. So I’m going over my calculus trying to figure if I forgot how to integrate, time’s winding down, I don’t get to finish it. Now it’s probably obvious to you guys, but it was just a sign error. There’s a lot of partial credit given, and I’m 99% sure I’ll get an A even if I don’t get any, but I’m a little disappointed that I’m still doing stupid stuff like that and not even checking the obvious.

Don’t worry too much. Sign errors are some of the easiest mistakes to make and the hardest to catch (for me at least.)

I’ve had my share of really wrong answers on finals. Once, I found that the speed of a car with its acceleration varying with time after some number of minutes would be a complex number. I have no clue how that happened, but it didn’t happen when I reworked the problem from scratch. It was probably a sign mistake before taking a square root. :smack:

I got to “velocity function” and then “calculus” and your post starting making that woh-woh-woh-woh sound, like the teacher on a Peanuts TV special, when you know something’s being said but it doesn’t make any sense.

I suppose it could make less sense to me if you translated it into Swahili, but that would probably be the only way. :slight_smile:

I bow in awe of you math and science people. I hope you did well on your exam.

I’m done too! I had both physics and geophysics this semester, so I’m celebrating the fact that I’ll never have to take another class with the word ‘physics’ in it. So for me, all the math classes (to get my degree) are done, the year of chemistry is done and the year of physics is done.


I took business calculus last spring semester, and ended up with a C- for the semester. Not great, but good enough that I don’t have to take it again. :wink:

I got an 84% on the final I took Monday in my engineering class. Which isn’t bad considering I had been sick for the better part of a week before that and had an infection in both ears rendering me functionally deaf. The infection is lifting now with only one ear being blocked, just in time for tonights final in my other engineering class.

Yeah, well, I’m 2 finals in of 4, each is 100% of my grade, I need a B+ average at least to keep my scholarship, and I’m still not sure if a contract to building a ship to specifications (worth $24million) is predominantly a contract for service or predominantly a contract for goods.

But no pressure.