one for the ladies....

Girls-does size matter? (be honest)

I’m assuming you mean penis size. I imagine it is about like breast size…to some it matters, to others it doesn’t. I doubt you will get a universal consensus.

As for me, I think most of them are close enough to the same size erect (they may vary a lot soft), that it is just not much of an issue. It is truly how well the tool is used than the size of the tool. I have been with men of different sizes, and frankly, I just don’t think it matters. All the parts I need contact with are in the front, afterall.

This is gonna go off to MPSIMS faster than you can say John Holmes :eek:

I agree with Calliope…it’s not size that matters, it’s how well it is used. :smiley:

This is not a general question with a factual answer. Please repost in IMHO or MPSIMS. Thanks.