One good thing about "Time compression as you age"

New albums from favorite artists seem to come out every month an opposed to the 3-4 (or more) years it used to take.

Not when your favourite artists seem to die off ever more rapidly :frowning:

Bad haircuts grow out quickly.

Someone apologizes for not staying in touch. You could swear you just hung out with him a few weeks ago.

The time between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner (supper) is much shorter (takes longer to eat meals, though).

…or yesterday.

Spring comes sooner… okay, maybe not here in Canada.

It is constantly Friday, Saturday or Sunday again!

You go back to school and three days later you get a degree!

All those letters to be answered, chores to do, events to attend that pile up on your desk? They automatically take care of themselves without you doing a thing. All you have to do is sweep them off the desk and into the wastebasket every quick season or so.

You work at an established company for nearly five years and people cut you some slack if you make a mistake because you are the ‘new guy’. Your boss tells you that you may be able to set yourself up well for a promotion but it will probably take 4 - 6 years more of experience to get it. You consider that the fast-track and and are self-impressed with your blistering pace of career advancement.

Life becomes a continuous education concerning your body parts, including ones you didn’t know you had.

Or Monday…

“Didn’t I just shave my ears?”