One Kindle Does, One Kindle Doesn't?

My son and I both have Kindle Fires. His is a HD-7. Mine we are unsure, but it is newer. Anyway, his stores Minecraft PE files under “Games” (off the root directory). In the process of copying this entire folder to a PC (via USB), there was a nondescript error in the last minute of copying. So, to see if the copied files are still good, I want to move his files onto my Kindle device (with Minecraft installed)…replacing the existing “Games” file with the backed-up version. One problem: My Kindle has no “Games” folder, so I tried to create one (with the Kindle connected to the PC by USB like a removable drive). However, my Kindle does not like this folder I tried to name “Games”, and the Kindle automaticlaly renamed it “New Folder”.

So, I had my son start playing Minecraft PE on my Kindle hoping the device would auto-create a “Games” folder, but it did not (even after I had him create something and exit out of Minecraft PE back to “home” on the Kindle. So…where is my Kindle storing the Games files???

FYI: Mine is also a HD-7. But, why don’t they act the same???

I know nothing about Kindles, but until somebody wanders by who does…

Given that you got an error creating a new folder named Games, my guess is there’s already a folder named Games (so it won’t let you create another), and that’s where the files are. But the Games folder is hidden somehow.

If you can access the Kindle’s filesystem from a Windows box, you could use the attrib command from a command prompt window, something like “attrib g:” where g: refers to the Kindle’s drive. It would show you all the files and folders, with hidden and system ones marked with H or S. You could also use attrib to remove hidden and system attributes as desired. (“attrib -h g:\folderToUnhide”)

Nice thought, but actually the error occured 7/8 into pasting a back-up of the “Games” folder. Plus, I already checked for a duplicate folder named “Games” thinking that was the issue. Good thoughts, but no cigar. :frowning:

Ok, i was going to try this suggestion, but the PC does not assign the Kindle a letter or any other designator to make the Kindle drive unique. At best, it identifies it as a “portable device”. What now?

Um, do you have Kindles or do you have Fires? There was an older model with both labels but all current ones are distinct. The game thing suggests both might be Fires.

It might help if you gave the actual, precise model name for each.

I can help on Fires, not so much with Kindles.

Almost certainly, the OP is asking about Fires. (As you note, Amazon used to call its line of tablets “Kindle Fire” but now just calls them “Fire,” reserving the “Kindle” name for its e-readers.)
As for the OP’s question, it’s possible that DRM is preventing him from doing what he’s trying to do.

Get a good file browser. ES File Explorer is pretty good (free in the store).

Fire/Android hidden files are normally just a normal file with a period prepended, so the hidden version would be .Games and therefore a different filename in Windows. Can you start a new save and find the most recently created file to figure out where the saves are stored?

The answer may depend on what version of Fire OS you are running. If you go to Settings, then Device, then System Updates, it should tell you what Fire OS version you are running.