One man's memorial to Hitler

One man’s memorial to Hitler

It’s a little … different

Not only does he talk like an older Franz Liebkind, he looks a little like him. I kept waiting for him to say “Not many people know it, but the Führer was a terrific dancer.”

I think I’ve got the ultimate memorial for ol’ Schickelgruber.

When I was little, I read that the bunker where Hitler died was destroyed, filled with rubble and public urinals made over it. But it seems that was not the case, I was disappointed to find out that the place Hitler found his demise is now a parking lot with trees:

Come to think of it, it could be said it is worse now: dogs now urinate over ol’ Schickelgruber memorial :slight_smile:

Actually, I read an article precisely on this issue yesterday. The bunker was only partially destroyed, apparently for practical reasons, so part of it at least could be dug out (since it was indeed filled with rubbles). Until now, there was no marker for its emplacement, but the article was written precisely because they put one in place very recently, with some plans of the bunker on it and such stuff.