One more time... Getting files onto an iPhone

I got a new QR code for my COVID vaccinations. Now I want to put it into my Wallet on my iPhone. The ‘share’ option on the vaccination website doesn’t work, so I printed it as a .pdf file and saved it to my desktop. Then I uploaded it into iCloud so I can get to it on my phone. How do I move it to the Wallet?

Wallet requires a specific type of file. You can’t just put in any PDF, natively.

That said, you can download an app called “Pass2U Wallet” (available in the App Store) that will convert almost any file into a Wallet-compatible format.

I’ve downloaded it, but I don’t see how to get the .pdf file from my computer.

I have my old QR code in my wallet, but I don’t remember what I had to do to get it there. I was hoping Wallet would have some sort of way to get it from iCloud. When I open it, I see my old QR code and something where I can add a credit card (which I don’t want to do, since my phone is unlocked). No way to import a file.

You should have an app called “Files.” Download it from iCloud to there. It might actually be in there already.

Have you tried scanning your QR code with your phone?

When I open Files, it opens to iCloud. I see the QR code file there. But I don’t know how to copy it to the Wallet.

I pulled up the QR code on my computer and clicked the link in the camera. I chose ‘add to wallet and health’. It went to Health, but not to Wallet. When I open it in Health, it has the text record of vaccinations. What I want to do is to have the QR code in my wallet. (The old one has the QR code, plus text. The only reason I’m trying to do this again is because MyIR Mobile says QR codes before 2/17 are no longer valid.)

EDIT: Actually, I now see two QR codes in my wallet. I think I’ll delete them both and try again.

EDIT 2: That worked.

Thank you for the help.