POLL: Do you still carry your CDC COVID vaccination card?

  • Yes
  • No, I was vaccinated but no longer carry the card.
  • I was not vaccinated so I never had a card.

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Does an image of the card on my phone count?

No, I’m more curious about people carrying the physical card.

Good question. As that’s what I do now. Besides, not many places around me want to see the cards anymore anyway. Even when we go to Canada, we no longer need to show it.

I didn’t ever carry the physical card, but always have an updated copy of all my vaccinations on my phone.

I didn’t carry the physical card - but my state has an app with a “pass” and I still have that.

Same here. I actually found it more handy having it in my phone’s wallet for flying, etc.

I would think so. In fact, I was told to take a picture of the card and save it to my phone; I told the nurse that my flip phone doesn’t do that, so I copied it, put the original in my safe, and keep the copy in my coupon booklet in my purse. No need to take it out, anyway.

I never really did. I think I kept it in my car for a while, but I’ve, literally, never had to show it to anyone other than the person who gave me the shot.
At this point, I’m assuming I don’t even need to bother getting it updated if/when I get another booster.

FWIW, your state probably has a publicly accessible website you can check to see your vaccination records.
For example, here’s Wisconsin’s:

It has a place where sometimes I can order a copy. Sometimes. And sometimes it arrives. For a while I was traveling internationally and a state level certificate was required, not just the CDC card and not, for some reason, a letter on letterhead from my doctor’s office. These days, the letter from the doctor’s office seems to suffice, which is great since I can update it as needed. I was recently on a tour in Norway that required official documentation of receiving at least the initial series.

I forgot I even had a physical card. I think it’s in our safe. I have the state-approved vaxx records in the “wallet” of my iPhone.

Never once has anyone asked for it.

Same here, but on the occasion I may need the card, like international travel, I have carried it for that.

I have used the vax. card and the app a handful of times, but nothing recent.

I picked no, but I do have a picture on my phone. The only time I carry the physical card is when I get a booster so it can be updated.

While I have a picture on my phone, I carry my physical card when traveling overseas. I’m not sure how to vote based on that.

I can only think of 3 times I carried the physical card with me: one at a wedding I was working at in 2021 that needed proof of vax, a concert in early 2022, and when I visited the Dominican Republic in 2022, but I’m not sure I even had to show that card to anyone – just had it just in case. I have it on my phone as well, but I don’t remember being asked for it – though that probably means there have been a small handful (<5) of times I was asked for it, as I tend not to find this moments notable.

Even with getting booster shots, I didn’t bother bringing my original vax card. The first two shots are on the original. The third I wrote in myself after getting it. And the fourth … I have no idea. I don’t have record of it anywhere. I didn’t take a picture.

I don’t even know where it is, or if I even have it accessible right now. Last I saw it was when I unpacked a backpack from that Dominican Republic trip months later.

No, I’ve lost mine, but I have the info in an app on my phone.

I voted yes, but it is an App for NJ State. The actual cards stay at home.

Add me to the huge list that keep a photo of the card on their phone but not the physical copy.

FTR - Colorado had / has an app option, but it was hot garbage and never worked even after I contacted the app support group 2-3 times.

Our App works well and we were told not to carry the card.

You left out a “sort-of” choice.

My paper COVID card is clipped to my passport. Which I’m carrying as I type becuase I’ve riding home from work right now & anm wearing my outfit. Some countries still want to see it or might want to see it. And at one time would not accept pictures of the card; had to be the real thing. So just in case, that’s where it lives.

When I’m not working/traveling my passport is at home and I’m wherever. I do have a picture of the thing in my phone in case it ever came up in the USA. Which it is vanishingly unlikely to do now.