Anyone else fill up your shot card?

Did you get a prize?

I got my latest booster today and all of the lines on my card are now filled in. Nobody offered me a free coffee or donut or anything so I bought myself a Buzz Bomb to drink when I got home.

Has anyone heard anything about getting an official page two card, or what to do when the next booster comes due? Going by the frequency, this will happen in around 6 months and I like having a record of when I last got jabbed.

BTW, I’m a side sleeper and I got my flu shot and covid booster in the same arm. Thanks to the buzz bomb, my arm doesn’t hurt at all. Of course, my nose is kinda numb and I’m having problems typing but my arm doesn’t hurt and I will be able to sleep well.

I filled mine in April. I’ve never used it. The California Dept. of Health has a document that I download on my phone. I’ll just download the updated one when I have my next shot.

I use mine every time another booster rolls around. Covid was never a thing in Arizona and I don’t think we have that sort of neato thing available, not enough demand. It is very cool, though.

Thanks for reminding me. The one I had in Google Wallet was one dose ago. I think I’m going to need a new physical card next time myself.

Mine was filled in April. I now officially have a two-pager!

Only 2 shots per card here in RI. I have 2 of them filled up.

Whats a buzz bomb?

Hey, OP, I got my latest booster yesterday, too!

I got a page two because I forgot to bring my card with me. No big deal.

Pharmacist also mentioned I should get the shingles vaccine sometime in the near future.

You’re gonna need a bigger card.

I had four lines on my original card that I filled up on 5/22/22. When I got the BA.5 Omicron specific booster on 9/16/22 I just started a second card.

I filled up all the available lines and then they just crammed in the information in a tiny bit of empty space below. They said they haven’t heard that they can give second cards.

For the 3rd shot the state left matters in the hands of poorly trained volunteers, the first 2 were processed by military personnel. I don’t recall the details but they were telling us to always answer ‘No’ to some question and then seemed totally unprepared to give people a second card when needed (only 2 lines per card here). I think a number of people were given a second card for their second shot based on the misunderestimated question everyone answered ‘No’ to. Got the 4th shot at the Stop&Shop pharmacy, no problems with that one.

Fair warning on that: plan to be out of commission for a few days after each dose (mine involved two doses a few months apart). Shingrix kicked my butt HARD.

Mine too. Front and back both.

I should possibly go see what’s going on at the NYState Excelsior Pass site; but I’ve never had to show either the card or the pass, so might not bother; at least unless I decide to go travel some significant distance, which might not happen for a while.

That was my experience yesterday.

Those are icky, plan take the next day off.

How’s your arm today? I had weird dreams and tossed and turned all night so I’m pretty sore today, but that’s the soreness that comes with tossing and turning all night, so I think I’m not having any after effects.

It is a mixed drink. Chocolate and booze always makes things better.

Same here, except my pharmacist that gave me the shot said she didn’t have time to start new cards if she didn’t have to, so my fifth shot is in the margin aligned with the fields from the shot above.

That sounds good!

I usually try to time my shots so I’m off the next day. It’s a great excuse to laze about instead of being frantically active.

Today my arm is just a bit sore. I expect it will be all better by tomorrow.

I’m on my second card now. They really only had 2 places on the first card, but the pharmacist was able to find a space to put the third shot. Monday, though, I got the bivalent as my fourth shot and the pharmacist had to give me another card.

Same with me. The third shot was squeezed in and then I was later given a second card for the two subsequent shots.

However, those last two shots are at the bottom of the second card (“other”), they weren’t put in the “orginal” covid shot spaces. Next time (and yes I expect there to be a next time) I guess they’ll give me a third card.