I Just Got My Second COVID Shot!

I just got my second COVID shot (Pfizer). High five, if you did too. Or whatever.

I just can’t figure out why my arm bled so much after the shot. I do take a blood thinner now. But it is supposed to be a shot in the muscle, isn’t it? I hope that I am not bleeding out the inoculation or something. What do the rest of you think?


If you take blood thinners, a little extra blood is nothing to worry about. Next time just use a finger to put a little pressure on the poke for a minute or two.

No blood after either of my shots, just arm pain.

But after the second shot, I started having odd pains in various parts of my body, like an ache by my right ribs, that persists even now. And some of my usual aches and pains have been exacerbated.

BTW, I just have to ask. I was given a card with the CDC logo on it confirming I got my shots. What do I do with that? Do I hold on to it, and show it to people? And while we’re at it, show it to whom? :slight_smile:

Just hold on to it. Krispy Kreme will give you a free glazed donut every day for the rest of the year just for showing it. That’s a lot of free donuts! Office Depot or Staples will laminate it for you for free also.

I took a picture of it with my phone so if I lose the piece of paper I can still get my donut :doughnut:.

Wouldn’t hurt to tell your doctor the dates and vaccine type you received when you have reason to talk to them.

Wherever you received the vaccines should have a permanent record of it-pharmacy, public health dept, etc.

There’s some question whether laminating the cards is a good idea – both because they might be used for booster shots, and laminating them would prevent adding info; and apparently some places are using a thermal ink that can be destroyed by the lamination process. I’ve seen reports that the CDC advises against lamination, but I can’t find that on the CDC site itself.

I copied mine, and am carrying the copy and leaving the original filed at home. I doubt I’ll need to show it to anybody, though – if I am going to go somewhere that I think might need to see it, I’ll have to ask whether the copy will do.

They are nothing sacred or standardized-they vary greatly from place to place. They aren’t like a Drivers License or a passport, more like a sticky note handed to you by the nurse who gave you your injection with the manufacturer and lot number in case of a reaction that needs reporting. If they’re laminated, a sticker with any subsequent jab’s info can be slapped on top or they can just hand you another card. Once you have the maker and lot # info you could just pitch the card for all the good it will do you in the sense of a ‘vaccine passport’, unless you want those doughnuts. The CDC one is waaaaay too forgeable and unsecure to be anything more than a note card.

True. Whether anybody will be using it anyway I have no idea.

In fact, I just read that there are sites already selling fake cards. People.

Two good articles re: the CDC vaccine cards:

I took a photo of the first and emailed it to my doctor. When i get the second I’ll transcribe the text and email that to him.

Mostly just in case there’s a recall or something. I want the info in a safe place in the unlikely chance it matters.

Good thinking!

Why pay $20 for a fake vaccine card when you can just get the real shot – and a real card – for free?

UK here.
We both had the second AstraZeneca shot yesterday. So far, no side-effects for either of us (not even the sore arm).
After the first shot (6th Feb) we felt tired (24 hours) and sore arm (7 days).
Mrs I had 'flu symptoms and stayed in bed for half the first day.
No blood clots! AstraZeneca is great!

I own a printer/photocopier. I own white-out. I could make a fake vaccine card for free*, and it might well take me less time than the extra time I wanted to sleep after a second dose.

I mean, personally, I am excited to be able to get vaccinated, and if I ever need to prove that, I expect I will be able to. But the barrier to making a fake card is extremely low.

  • Okay, I’d have to buy a sheet of heavy paper and I suppose it would use up some miniscule amount of toner.