One of the Geekiest Songs Evah

This was a video my daughter produced for her Trig class.

The Trig Song

Adorbs, I’m sure, but I nominate “Me and Alan Moore’s Beard.”

Very cute–I love it! I teach high school physics, where my students get to apply their trig skills.

Physics is her favorite subject. She is doing her IB concentration in Physics and Math.

Yay for geek girls!! :cool:

Did she write the song herself?

And did she do so the actual day before a test?

My daughter just finished her trig class. She LOL’d.

Loved it. Am impressed. :slight_smile:

Your daughter is adorable. I also can relate to her thoughts and feelings, because I don’t feel like doing trigonometry. Ever.

Trig is fun!

I don’t remember as much music in mine, though.

I nominate Finite Simple Group (Of Order Two).

How about the Large Hadron Collider rap?

I added it to my Favs on youtube. Now the heavy metal masses will see it too!

Love the Trig song.
I was going to suggest Pi by Kate Bush

Here we go…second chorus…altogether now!

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She wrote the lyrics, the music is “borrowed” from Bruno Mars. She plays the ukelele in the video.

This was something that they could do for extra credit. She actually likes math, but she doesn’t always love it, so the song is appropriate. FWIW of all of her classmates, she “won”, got voted the best, so got 3 points added to her grade (which she didn’t need anyway).

ETA: afaik, this was not done the day before a test. They spent several hours on it, so I hope not. At least not the day before a trig test.

So which one is your daughter? Is the star of the video? or did she just do the camera work and writing and what nots?

She is the brunette girl in the video.

I really liked the end with the yackety sax.
I never took trig so I really didn’t get it.

Trig teacher here. I loved it! Kudos to your daughter!