One of the Niftiest Automotive Pics I've Ever Seen

It’s a Nash Metropolitan towing a teardrop camper trailer. A tiny little car, with a tiny little trailer! :smiley:

Awww… it’s adorable!

I googled up Benroy trailers, and that thing is ten feet long? Is that including the tongue? Just wondering, as a Met is just a smidge over twelve feet long and the pic makes the trailer look more like perhaps seven feet long.

Now, just compare it to trailers today that are long enough that a Met could drive inside of it long enough to need to upshift.

Some of them are even smaller. You can download scans of plans for trailers like the Benroy here. A gallery of similar trailers can be found here.

Heck, I’ve seen motorhomes that had frickin cars in racks over the cab!

All that is missing is having 38 clowns exit from the back trailer when you park in the center ring.

Claustrophobia is not your friend if you own that setup.

Very nice. I’ve never seen those teardrop trailers in use - what’s in there? Just a bed and some storage space?

I have seen a 16’ Airstream - those are pretty impressive.

Uh, a car on top of the motoerhome? How does it get up there? I did see a RV towing a double-decker trailer loaded with a car and boat (I forget which was on top), and I can’t figure that one either.

In 1978, we drove a Honda and pulled a pop-up tent behind from Tupelo to LA; up to Crater Lake in Oregon; over to Yellowstone; across South Dakota; down to St. Louis and back home. Over 7,000 miles in 3 weeks and didn’t spend one night in a motel. People were amazed that little car made the trip. A couple of years later the engine blew…oh well. :wink:

Basically. There’s a kitchen of sorts in the back, but not much more. I first learned about them on an episode of “Road Kings” (or something like that) on the Travel Channel. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find pics of some of the nicer ones from that show on the web. They’re pretty light, too. One of the owners they feature is the proverbial little old lady (who drove a 50s convertable) and she could pick the thing up by the hitch and scoot it around with no trouble.

Got me. Shocked the hell out of me. All I could think about was the car going flying off in the event of a head on collision.

Tuckerfan, seeing that you’re our resident car & space MPSIMS’er, I figured this Mercedes Bubblefish Bionic Concept car* belonged in a bumped thread of yours as opposed to in one of it’s own. Unfortunately, from my perspective, the title isn’t the most appropriate…this thing looks like a cross between a Pokeman anime creature, a Pontiac Atztek & a beluga whale (as opposed to fish).

*Warning: Possibly disturbing / offending images included in link.

OK, I gotta know: what did you see that I didn’t see? All the images I saw were of concept cars and their ilk.

Aw, don’t tell me: did I just get whooshed?

:eek: What the hell are they smoking the bratwurst with these days?

Hah! That’s nothing! You want to see a really nifty unknown car?
This is the car Dr. Porsche got fired from Mercedes for having them build, after having designed their famous S, SS, and SSK automobiles.

That’s the very first Volkswagen Beetle, circa… hum. I think he got fired round '23. When the Model A was brand new, this was a concept. Notice the split bumper, the suicide doors, the split front window, and the Mercedes emblem.

Found it, more or less ignored, in the ‘not on display’ section of the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. Kinda dusty, as I recall. And yes, there’s only one of them in the world. Ever. Actually, when we figured out what it was, people were kind of surprised it was still around. I mean, it survived WWII!

I think that bubblefish thing looks rather like the Fiat Multipla.

I’ve seen lots of teardrop trailers. People build them themselves and I think there’s some kind of unspoken competition about who can cram the most clever features into theirs.

But this is the trailer I’d buy, if I had a few spare thousands lying around and if I could think of a use for it. Talk about cool:

As someone who sells trailers for a living, I can tell you that that VW is destined for either a fried transmission, a ruined engine, a wracked frame, or all three. A car that size is not designed to tow anything, and if you can set it up with a hitch, it’s rated at about 1,000 pounds…maybe. The GVWR on this trailer is nearly 2000 pounds.

Teardrops are making a comeback.

Google them and there are a few manufacturers out there that are recreating these really great thingies.

I wants one,but we’d have to feed the kids to the wolves or something.

I’ve seen a really nifty one man pop up camper for behind a motorcycle. I really like it for the geek factor and knowing my Triumph could pull it. Still not convinced on how it would feel going through the twisty bit in the mountains just shy of Mach I.

My friends just bought a 5th wheel trailer, a gear box. The front two thirds is a beautiful camper and the back third drops the hatch and you could fit two or three bikes in it. Oh joy.

The inside is all done in black and grey and stainless steel. Manley man colors, the awning is a black and white checkerboard. Onboard generator, air compressor and a fueling station, just in case you run out of gas on your scootor in the middle of nowhere.

I can’t wait until our next trip to Deal’s Gap.

E-Sabbath, I’d be interested to see your source on Porsche having designed that car in '23, since everything I’ve read indicates that Porsche cribbed his design for the Beetle from Tatra (and after the war, VW had to pay money to Tatra for patent infringements). If that car was built in '23, it pretty much nullifies Tatra’s claim, so one has to ask why VW paid them an undisclosed some of money?

I want to amend my description of the Bubblefish concept car from a cross between a Pokeman anime creature, a Pontiac Atztek & a beluga whale to a cross between a cross between:

An ugly concept car & a quirky comedian

MGA towing a caravan

I couldn’t find a photo of an actual car, but I did find this model of an MGB towing a caravan. (Mini w/caravan in the bg.)

Incidentally, the Nash Metropolitan and my Triumph Herald resemble each other.

Towing * anything * with a Metro is pretty questionable. Even at its best, you can use an egg timer to clock a Metro on 0-60, and the brakes are nothing to write home about. With a trailer, I bet they get passed by toddlers on tricycles.