One of the World's Ugliest Cars Comes Out of Hiding

Sir Vival a one-off prototype built by a man with a dream. which thankfully never came to pass. Has once again been exposed to the cold light of day. :eek: :eek: :eek:

That car looks like it was built inside-out, or something.

I like it.

Was it designed by Gerry Anderson?

Something about it reminds me of the Homer.

Designed by Msr. Simpson, of course.

It looks like the prototype for the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

I don’t know if you’ve ever driven something that hinges in the middle, but it’s very twitchy at slow speeds, and I shudder to think of driving one fast. :eek:

[James Ballard]Keep talking…you’re giving me a hard-on…[/James Ballard]

That car makes my brain hurt.

What car could seriously compete with this one for “World’s Ugliest” ?? I’d say it has the first 3 or 4 places locked up.

How does it… Um, how does it work?

No, it’s better if I don’t know. The laser turret freaks me out a little bit, and I fear its non-Euclideanism.

Please - almost every car ever built in France is uglier than this by a mile.

Ugly?! Bah. Give me one of those and I’d never drive anything else. It’s like a self-contained parade! The grille could use a little sparking up, that’s all. Otherwise it’s a masterpiece of automotive eccentricity straight out of a Terry Gilliam film.

I am a bit surprised to note that the vehicle was apparently produced as a prototype ‘safety car,’ when it’s quite obviously better designed as a ‘car that is virtually guaranteed to kill you in any number of horrible ways.’ Who on Earth could possibly look at that thing and imagine that it’s anything other than a total deathtrap? “For reasons of safety, the driver’s head is ensconced in a bubble turret on the roof, so that in the event of a rollover it will be sheared off cleanly and thrown clear of the wreck.”

Oh sure, I’d drive it anyway; but then I have no regard for my own personal safety.

Wait, it’s for sale?! eBay that thing, I’ll take it! Just needs some spray paint is all.

They should sell it to the Vatican. It puts the Pope Mobile to shame.

I have just one question, after reading the OP, and looking at his linked pages.

Tuckerfan, what’s that color photograph below the Sir Vival articles in your fifth linked page?

Do you want to limit it to one off models or cars that have actually made it into production?

In the one-off category we have the Aurora, the Tucker Torpedo, a custom built RV, and another custom RV. (Those are just for starters.)

In the production category we have: Fiat Multipla, MiniCAT, and the Citroen GS/GSA, to name but a few.

You mean this? That’s my late cat Gabby. :frowning:

Oh. My God. The title of the thread doesn’t do justice to the uglinicity of this car.

And I thought the PT Cruiser was ugly. :smack:

I’m sorry for your loss. The image was driving me nuts - without knowing what it was, I completely at sea. I can see now the cues I should have noticed, but at the time, I was guessing it was a nebula pic, actually.

I see this car, and I think to myself:

Commander: Gunner, target to left at 25 degrees!
Gunner: Target acquired! T-72 Soviet design! Load sabot round!
Loader: Sabot . . . up!
Commander: Fire!
Gunner: ::clicks trigger:: Shot on the way!”

So, where do the photon torpedoes go on the thing?

Or as Beavis & Butthead say, “fire the fruiton torpedoes!”