What's the most interesting car you saw today?

I’m not sure if it was a car I saw, but it was being towed by 8 tiny reindeer. That thing was flying!

Not seen in person, but mentioned on either Twitter or Facebook (or maybe a really old zombie here, but I’ve already forgotten) and I find it just fascinating.

Parked in a former Hudson dealer in Bellingham, Mass, for some 50 years. As of last month, anyway.


Nice that it has a handy tow hook.

That car was the subject of a legendary thread.

That is a great thread, but I don’t remember it at all. Thanks for the link.

In a forest preserve parking lot, very clean looking deep maroon 62 Lincoln Continental. Only thing ruining it was the “Don’t Tread On Me” plate.

In a ski area parking lot, a bright yellow Ram pickup with “Tonka” on the tailgate.

A late 60s or early 70s Chevy pickup and a VW Squareback in the same driveway.


It was kind of far away, but I’m pretty sure I saw an Aston Martin Vantage today. But really the interesting thing was that it was painted bright purple.

A boxy Volvo wagon (740?) dressed out in some interesting garb.

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But the wheels had a logo similar to the Ferrari prancing horse, but with a Swedish moose!
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The moose is definitely an inside joke to Volvo fans. But the need for swede makes me wonder what the owner wants with a bunch of rutabaga (which the English call swede). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It was a 240, I saw it again today.

I also saw a Hummer H1 in bright yellow. What a ridiculous vehicle for the suburbs.

Maybe not. How are the street conditions there?

In '91 or so, one some car magazine – likely Road & Track – published a list of the top five vehicles for driving around NYC. The HUMVEE – this was before there was a such thing as the Hummer – was #1 due to being the best able to handle all the potholes.

A nice Mercury Cougar, either 1967 or 1968, I’m not sure which. Definitely not a 1969.

^^^ Can anyone tell what year it is? I have about 10 pics of it on imgur.

Thanks in advance!

Generally, the easiest way to tell the difference between a '67 or '68 for any vehicle for the US market are the presence of sidemarkers. They became mandatory in '68, although a few manufacturers started adding them a year earlier.

This is a '68.

Thank you @Skywatcher!

I’d sort of on-again off-again forgotten about this one from September. While waiting at a stoplight, I saw a small trucky thing in the oncoming left turn lane suddenly kick out into our forward lanes (@ the forward blue shirt guy). It looked like a fairly routine rear ending. The traffic pattern let me proceed through the intersection when I noticed the striking trucky from behind was on its side, seen here:

I’m a former licensed EMT and joined the others that ‘responded’ to help which mostly consisted of getting the tailgate open and learning the driver was conscious, probably drunk, and couldn’t release his seatbelt and that the vehicle wasn’t on fire. The photo is from after a sheriff’s deputy stopped (at right) and basically told us all to go away. Luckily, I was able to then get back in the car, take this pic and roll out because I’m sure traffic was horrible for ages behind. I passed loads of first responders oncoming as I made my escape.