One reason that Jin Wicked is not updating her cartoon.

She’s doing something else. Warning, though. If you regret checking out the lolcats, you probably don’t want to get started on the lolrats.

Apologies if this has been mentioned. I couldn’t find it with search.

Damn it, you braindead hag, I give you money, real money, in the hopes that you’d keep drawing and going on with your marvelously expressive pencilwork, and this is what you do with it? Rats with captions? I swear, if I weren’t eating yogurt with this spoon, I’d scoop her eyes out . . .

Hey now! The OP didn’t say Jin Wicked wasn’t doing any art at all, did they? Just not her comic/cartoon. I bet she’s still doing artwork, and often.

I most heartily approve.


Rats aren’t expressive enough. Do not want!

I agree. I’ve heard that rats actually make good pets, and I’m sure they’re fun in person, but in photos their personality doesn’t seem to show, which is necessary to pull off the LOL thing well.

I was surprised that there were so many links to rat rescue groups. I had never heard of a rat rescue group, yet there were a bunch of them. I guess I approve of that, but I’m still jonesing for the cartoons.