One-Syllable Challenge: What Do You Do For A Living?

I work for the state of CA. Do all things for dumb bills.


I have two jobs.

Job one: I wait for the phone to ring or for one of those in class who can’t hear or see or things like that. Then I help them to fix what is wrong. This job pays for me to go to school.

Job two: I wait at the desk for those who want to find stuff in the place with the books that you can take home for free. And I help them find stuff that is not in the place with the books, but that they can see through the box on the flat area that has keys on a board with it. And I fill the box that spews large flat sheets of pressed wood pulp so that more can spew out when they tell it to. Then I put books back on the shelf.

aside: That was tough to write. It’s much easier to say things with bigger words /aside

Since this is basically a poll, I’ll move it to In My Humble Opinion for you.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

Dammit! And I read it through three times before posting it, and then two times after your post.

If you excuse me, I have to drink another big bottle of Stupid. The one I had this morning only worked a little bit. I mean, come on, what’s the point if you’re only HALF stupid? There’s no fun in that!

Nametag cheats too.
(of course, I’m sure I left one somewhere in my description, despite trying not to. This is just a guarantee that someone will point it out.)

I’m a geek. I hack code for the web all day. I put stuff on disks in “rows,” too. And I pull sets of rows out and show them on the web, all nice like. And I post on the Straight Dope when I should work, too, but why not? Heh…

This is near as much fun as three line, five / seven / five prose.

I make ads for stuff you don’t need. I don’t shoot them or write them. I just cut them. I work in “post”. If you see an ad for a car, I could have made it.

If you get this I’ll go :eek: .

Oh, I get it. It’s a game. And the rule is that you can’t have words with more than one word part. Well, let’s see. What I do is write code that’s used by lots of folks on the web. It’s not wild, but it’s not dull. And I do get to take long breaks. I work when I feel like it, for the most part. But there are times when I have to work late at night or in the wee hours. I get paid a lot. At least it looks that way to those who are paid less, I guess. So, that’s it. Next?

I talk on the phone. A lot. I write things down. I file. I fax. I plan. I meet. I tell my boss when to go and and where to go. I fix things for the dumb guys, since I’m nice. I browse the Net, like most of you do too.

I do what my boss tells me to do, as I am his right hand girl. I make calls, put his dates in his plan, find cash for grants (I look on the 'net), plan new grants, fix his stuff and work on the cash flow.

I work at a place that shows films. I sell sweets, and when a bloke tries to go in the screen, I tear his pass. From time to time, I give the guy who starts the films a hand with a large reel. When the last film has gone in, we count the stock and do maths to check how much cash we should have made. Once a week, I put words on the small boards to show what films we have that week.

Depending on pronunciation, I say that word with 2 syllables.

Main Entry: hour
Pronunciation: 'au(-&)r

Can we get a ruling? :smiley:

No offence but I have to ask. Didn’t you know what a syllable was until now?

I’d guess that he does, but he did not want to break the rules.

Dammit! I wasn’t even going to WRITE “also” …

I mean, “Damn it, I had planned not to write that word, but I wrote it none the less.”

I write code

I think he used “word part” because syllable has more than one syllable! He was trying to get into the spirit of the game!

And now mine:

I teach six year old kids in first grade. It is fun! We have much fun all day long! This was not too hard for me! I just wrote like a first grade kid. I like school! We love it! It is fun!

I will stop now. Don’t hit me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah. The metrical poet’s friend: Words that can be pronounced with either one or two syllables–sometimes different ways within the same poem! Also see “fire.”

I think he’s safe. :smiley:

I work for a place that sells stuff to help new moms who nurse. We help them feed the new kid when they can’t be with them. I make sure we make the stuff as fast and cheap as we can as well as help keep track of how well we do to keep costs down. I love my job!