One-Syllable Challenge Redux: What Do You Do For A Living? (Game)

We did this a few years ago, and it went quite well. Time to give it a new try.

I still work for the same web site I worked for last time. My job is not quite the same, though. Last time my job was more of a tech thing. Now, I get calls from folks who need to find an old piece of news or some such. I then write a search that will get them just the news that they need.

There are times when I get a call and a guy will say “I’m new here. I don’t know how to use your web site at all. Can you help me get a clue?”. And then I say “Sure! Just click here and click there and type stuff in that box and click there. See? That was a piece of cake, right?”

Oh, when last we did this, I had to get in my car and drive a long way to get to my job. Now, I get out of bed and go up the stairs to my tech room and just like that, I’m at work! Yay!

Ok, your turn!

I save and look out for old films. I care for them in my vault as they age, and I look for shots and clips that might be used in a new way when the films go on sale for fans (and more). I log lots of stuff on each film roll, and I have a ton of tape to work through, too. I get to see some cool things at times, but most of my day-by-day job would be seen as dull by most folks. Still, I love it and am stoked that I do what I do and where I do it.

Right now, I have no job. But at my last one, we tried to find where folks’ lived and make them pay bills they still owed from years past. All day, I looked on the web to see what street we should send the bills to and what jobs the folks had or where they kept their cash.

I sue folks.

Mom- Keep kids from death. Feed, lead, yell, clean, love, drive.

Boss- Tell men what to do, where to go. Pound nails, read plans, make bids, talk on the phone, pay taxes, make money, write checks.

Wife/Wench-Also feed, lead, yell, clean, love, hold hand, lots of sex.

Coach-make kids play hard and win.

I work as a nurse. Call docs and flirt-joke! Ask for stuff from docs; check on and talk to folks; give meds, help folks clean up, keep skin whole, and dress wounds.

Loan closer. I stamp and sign and point at the line where your name goes.

I sing and play songs for folks. in clubs, and bars, where the folks can dance and drink beer and stuff.

when i am not on stage, i write songs and put them on tape and then i sell them on the web and at my shows. it’s a neat life.

I help folks who can’t see well. I help them to see and to look and feel good. I’ve been at it for years.

I fix sick folks. I ask what’s wrong then give them pills to cure it.

I write code. No, they write code – I get them to do it. In truth, I talk a lot and wave my hands and at the end of the week they give me big bucks.

I work for a body that lets docs work in our area and sees that they are able to do their job .

My work is in the area that checks when folks do not like their doc and think their doc did not do their job right. We look at the case and judge if they did their job right or if they should catch hell.

I learn, flip through books, write stuff, take notes. Some day I want to be a prof.

I boss those who take phone calls from folks who are mad and don’t know how to read their bills. I teach them how not to freak out and call folks vile names or curse at them. Once in a while I send them home when they don’t mind the rules. I’m a mom to all it seems!

I work out how much you have to pay if you want to be sure that you will be paid back when:[ul]
[li]a thief takes your car; or[/li][li]your house burns down; or[/li][li]you die or get sick.[/li][/ul]

I geek.

I take phone calls to help a guy or gal get in the right class he or she needs. It is a class to let them hand out meds. This makes the state glad to give them bucks to give care to and / or care for more guys and gals. (I hope that makes sense.)

I help folks sign up for two tests that they need to get a pass from the state to let them work in a long term care place. Some of these folks, once they have that pass, use it to fill the bill craved by our ‘Train to be an Up To Par-Down To Earth-Nurse’ course.

I do more stuff, too. I fill out lots of forms. I take bucks from guys and gals or the place where they work. Once in a while I mail stuff. It’s [not] great fun.

But at least I still know how to use the book that gives words to sub in for words you don’t want to use. Yay!

I read books (that have not yet gone to press) to make sure that all the nouns and verbs and so on are in the right place and make sense. I fix stuff like the dash, quote marks, and full stops too. Most of the time I work on hard text (with a pen or some such), but I work in Word some too.

I read proofs too, once the type has been set on the page, to be sure that the comp set it right. I read the old fixed page next to each proof and fix all the goofs.

I work at home and have no boss (save all the folks who send me work, natch). I’ve been at it for twelve years come March. I love to get paid to read!

On the side I make “bling” from glass beads and gold for chicks to wear on their necks and in their ears and sell it at art fairs. My spouse and I want to make our own glass, but so far have not found the time. But we do have our kiln and tools! Last week I made a bunch of sharp stuff for my sis, her kid (my niece), and two more girls for when she weds their dad next week. Big day!

My spouse cleans a high school. He hates it (low pay, no “props”), but he says at least the kids are fun – the best part of the job! He plans to go back to school to be a nurse.

(Last time we did this I missed a word that did not fit the rules. How’d I do this time?)

Travel agent- I book air flights for folks who hold charge cards and have earned points they wish to turn in.

I give out news print to bums most of the day. I help kids with their work, and help moms spruce up their homes, and help old folks find who’s dead. Then I help a lot of folks print, all day, and show them how to use their flash drives.