One-Syllable Challenge: What Do You Do For A Living?

I work for a news dot com. I help those who don’t know how to search on our web site. I write a search for them, and they get the news that they need to do their jobs. If they need tech help, I can do some of that too. I show them where to go click-click-click, and they say “Yay! It works now! Thanks…you rule.” It’s great, 'cause I get paid to do what I love to do.

How 'bout you? :slight_smile:

I work with word games to make sure they’re fun to solve. I make sure the games solve just one way, the way we say. (That is hard at times.) I make up new clues and come up with new ways to make old stuff fun. It’s fun for me too!

I tell folks what to do and when to do it, and check their work. Lots of books go out each week, so I feel stress at times, but I do like my job a lot.

Next month, it will be 12 years I’ve been here.

I sort and hang and price old clothes, suck up to jerks. Used stuff to help the poor. It’s much more fun than it sounds, but my boss will soon drive me nuts!

Next, I go to my own store. I sit on a chair and watch tapes, then sell or rent them to saps from the street. State cash is good cash! They say thanks for the films, 'nette6 and 'nette6’s boy! We try to make ends meet at home and at the cave, but it is hard.

How did I do?

Good Game!

My job lets guys and gals bet on the net. They can bet on a horse or a dog or men who throw a ball at a wall with a hard glove. I put the games on the web with a 'ter*.

[sub]*Best I could come up with for ‘computer’. Damn this game is hard[/sub]

I make subs for peeps who want to eat. I have to be fast, nice and smart. Jerks think fast food drones are dumb, but we have to think fast and keep lists in our head. My boss is very fun and gay. I work nights. If you walk by my store on Peel street, come in and say Hi!

I don’t have a job. I am a mom. Sure, the pay sucks :slight_smile: but my kid’s dad takes care of both of us.

I wish I had more cash of my own though.

I talk on the phone and I sell a kind of glass. It will stick in your skin and make you itch but it is not pink. Glass like mine can keep your house warm!

I talk, too, to guys who sell my glass for me. They call and ask for help and a price. I send them names and they call them on the phone and go to their plants and help them learn to use our glass.

We make much glass and it might be in your house or your car!


I work in a school for kids in first through fifth grades, oh, and that grade 'ere first. These kids are not poor nor are their moms and dads.
The thing I teach has to do with this thing we use to surf the 'net and stuff that has to do with the use of said thing.
I plan and run camps for break times as well. Spring break is soon, and we don’t close; 12 or so nice kids will come. We will make an play to show to mom, dad, friends, sibs, and more, on the last day.
The big hot time of the year starts soon, and I have a big camp to run then. Nine weeks of day camp! Aigggghhh!

I like my job, but they don’t pay me well. It’s a good thing I like my boss!

I take pics for the news thing made from wood pulp, and try to sell art pics on the side (but not much luck).

I talk to jerks who don’t pay their phone bills. I put up with their noise and take their checks by phone and try not to lose my mind. One day soon I may slash my wrists or shoot my boss.

kung fu lola cheated.

I work in a school store that sells books. My job is to sit and read my book or knit. I also surf the net at work. Fast speed!

Job two is in a place that makes tapes of class room times for those who teach. I also teach kids how to edit tapes and set up lights.

I am not so good at this “one syllable” stuff.

I write stuff. (For a firm, so not ‘fun’ stuff.)

Film Geek cheats! Film Geek cheats! :smiley:

Squat. Not much. Scratch is good. No gripes from me.


Did not. 's is not and never will be a “syllable”. nyah.

I work in a big drug store. We sell drugs and soap and books and lots of stuff. I’m a boss (of sorts)

What the… huh?

I test eye drugs (in the form of drops) to make sure that they will work right and not cause harm. I test the stuff we make them out of, too. What else? I make sure that all the things I use to do the tests work right, and I write down the proof that all this was done. I also write the rules for how to do the tests, and I watch the work of the guys who work for me.

Much stress. I fix faults, by phone or net or walk, with not Macs. All day, each day. Not oft do I err from my home base.

And KFL, very is two syllables.