One Week From Today I Will Be Married

To a Doper even! (my pal phatlewt).

Any questions?


Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Any pics (now, or after the event)?


But, I’ve always wondered … what does phatlewt mean? :slight_smile:

i’m sure you all are lovely fellows - congratulations.


Probably a gamer thing. Phat lewt = phat loot, meaning the item dropped by the monster you just killed is, like, the most awesome item ever.


I myself will be getting married this Saturday - although not to a doper. Cheers all around!

Yay! I am so pleased for you!

When are you coming to visit Mittengan?

Run while you still can!

Kidding, kidding. Congrats :slight_smile: Are you both gamers?

Congratulations! (And to you, too, picker!) I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Congratulations! I will have a toast in both your honor a week from now. Make sure to take plenty of pictures, and we must see that wedding cake!

I was a culinary arts major in college with a penchant for Baking/Pastry. It was my major within a major in a way. It’s not weird to have a thing to see the cake!

…It isn’t! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Three weeks from last Saturday, I will be married too.

This isn’t all a scheme to save one $15 registration fee, is it?

Wishing you both joy and happiness in your coming lives together.

Are you glad that you ‘saved yourself’ for marriage and waited?

Is the fat loot legendary, or epic at the very least?

Add me to the pics requests :slight_smile: and…
ETA: to Jules and **picker **too!

Yay to Cowgirl Jules and picker!

Our cake with be “black and white” (top layer chocolate, lower layer vanilla) with cannoli filling. It’s cream colored with an all over squiggly pattern that looks like brain coral, and dark chocolate seashells.

Did I mention we are getting married at a private Aquarium? :smiley: (private in the sense of, privately owned, not private as in, plaything of eccentric billionaire! It will be an afterhours event and we will have the run of the place)

My dress, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, oh you heard me is below:

Our rings, titanium with a silver inlay (cheap and durable, like our love):

** Autolycus** I’m not a gamer, just an all around nerd. :slight_smile: My nerdiness runs more to LOTR and SF writing. However, I did bring up character alignment in an Ethics class once. LOL.

Er, what? Is there something I said that lead you believe that I did so?

(Am I being whooshed?)

Rather, when are you moving to New York? I hear they can barely keep the lights on in the Statehouse up there. Every one of my friends has either moved out of state, or can’t afford to because they’re unemployed.