One-Word Movie Quotes (Game)

Movie quotes are easy. But what if we limit it to a single word? Well, if we’re talking “Rosebud…”, then it’s still easy. But there’s a mess of them out there that are quite a bit tougher, that still strongly indentify with a single film.

A few rules – 1) No names. Once we start getting into quotes like “Leia!”, it’s get a bit too easy. 2) Nothing that is part of the film’s title. 3) One word means just that. Keep it to one. “A duck!” is a hell of a lot easier to identify than “duck!”. 4) I’ll leave it up to the individual if you consider numbers to be legal or not, but once we get “37?!” and “42.” out of the way, I don’t think there’s much left anyway.

A few softballs to start it off:

  1. “Inconceivable!”
  2. “Badges?”
  3. “Snakes…”
  1. Vizzini, in The Princess Bride
  2. a Mexican bandit leader (I don’t think he was given a name), in Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  3. I want to say Indiana Jones, but I’m not sure.

I’ll add an easy one:

  1. “Plastics.”

The Graduate


Apoclypse Now
D1) “Scouts?”

D2) “Coltrane?!”

D3) “Identify.”

  1. “Toga!”
  1. “Toga!” - Several character, but mostly Bluto, in Animal House
  2. “Ni!”

Note: D2 is not a character’s name, in keeping with the rules of the OP.

D4) “…panache.”

  1. Stella!

Monty Python & the Holy Grail, of course!

And my contribution:


Dirty Dancing.


Slap Shot.

Khaaa-- oh. no names. never mind.


Nope, it’s an 80’s movie, but not that one.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

Charlie Sheen’s character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Because someone has to say it . . .


Doh! I knew that! I just mixed up Jennifer Grey movies.

After all, nobody puts Ferris in the corner.

And I just realized this one only qualifies on a technicality. :smack:

I, Robot?

MC1) “Non!”

MC2) “Groovy…”

Aha! I’ve got a better one this time . . .

MC2) “Groovy…”
Evil Dead 2?

n. “Serpentine!”