One year without alcohol

April 3rd was one year since my last drink-taste-sip of any alcoholic beverage.

No AA, no support group of any kind. Just quit the old fashioned way; fear of dying. I’m not afraid of death per-se, but the pain involved, and the pain of my SO and sister and family.

But,god, the ennui involved in being on the wagon. Someone once said that stopping drinking was like going from technicolor to black and white. I concur, although grey might describe it better.
The trouble with hitting the year mark is that it seems a giant celebration is in order.

Ah, well, CHEERS…

Congrats, dude. I always thought AA was a sham, myself. But then again, that’s probably because I enjoy drinking so much. :smiley:

Congratulations, ageless6!

Congratulations and a great big “Hooray for You” for taking care of yourself. I’m sure your family is so very grateful for the gift of a healthy you. :smiley:

Fantastically well done, ageless. Treat yourself to a new gadget/game/weekend away.

Really - well done.



You think YOU enjoy drinking.

But after two hospital bouts with cirrhosis…
Well, I wish I’d met you when I had an intact liver. We could have had a contest. I found very few people I couldn’t out-drink.

Too late to get competitive NOW, Rick :wink:

Good for you. I like to drink a bit myself. But I also have an uncle who’s an alcoholic. It’s good to see someone who knows when enough is enough, and choses for his family rather than for alcohol.

Kudos and Congrats from someone else who needs to grab that particular bear by the short’n’curlies and not let go. Test runs haven’t been too bad, but you hit it on the head: lots of free time and loads of boredom to spend it in. Wish they’d legalise that herb, whateveritscalled. I never drank back when I smoked.

Wat to go, ageless6!

I’ve been (mostly) sober since March 9th, 1998. Fallen off the wagon a few times, but grit my teeth & climb back on. Cold turkey. Sometimes I think that group support would be nice, but I just cannot get behind much of the AA philosophy.

I drink lots of coffee, and get more accomplished sober than drunk!

Your liver thanks you. I disagree about the color change, in fact I think the opposite is true. As you figure out how to fill your time I think that memory improves and feelings become more intense. Plus no more hassle of planning to drink (who’s driving? can I pass out there? etc.) and Monday mornings are a breeze.

There are an awful lot of B&W drunk bores out there: sober them up and the technicolor scares them.

Nine years this July for me: I miss the taste of Weiss bier but I do not miss hangovers or wetting the bed.

Congratulations to you, ageless6. I lost my 54 year-old uncle Sunday to alcoholism (liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, pretty much all shot. Looked 110 years old when he died. Yeah, drinking is glamorous and fun.) Nice to think we can maybe keep you around a little longer.

Congratulations, Ageless6! Ive been sober now for 10+ years. No AA for me either. It may seem like you’ll never have any more fun, but it gets better. No more hangovers! No more driving while drunk, endangering everyone including yourself! (Speaking for myself, here.) No more puking, pissing the bed, spending too much money God knows where. I remember a ZZ Top concert I went to several years ago. It felt weird to be sober and straight. But {i]I still remember it!*

It’s a great day to be alive.

Hi ageless6!

Good on you. I’m impressed by what you say. I don’t drink much myelf, but I have other habits that are NOT good for me, and it’s so hard to stop 'em.

Congratulations mate.