One year

In beatle’s thread, he mentioned that he’s been here for two years. I checked my profile and saw that I’ve been here since April 2, 2000. I’ve posted a couple odd threads that no one relates to and put my share of replies (as few as it seems) to some less known threads as well. I’m wondering: how many of you know that I even exist? I know I haven’t really made any sort of impact nor have I been to any dopefest so that is understandable.

I can’t say I ever noticed you before kasuo, but now it’ll be stuck in my head to look for you.

Now, of course, I’ll notice your name every time it comes up!

So, kasuo didja ever notice ME? Huh? Huh?

::Stomps off pouting::

Just noticed, I hit two years this month.

1 year and counting.

I recognise your name kasuo but I couldn’t really give you much info about what you’re all about (which is probably what 99.5% of the posters here would say about yojimbo :wink: )

yo-who?? :smiley:

Yo, ho, ho…

A sailor making me think of rum. How strange.

Actually yeah, I’ve noticed you but for some reason I keep thinking “hot sexual madness”. I guess it’s just my imagination. :slight_smile:

Good for you. :smiley:

You too, Chief <insert smiley alternative here>

Other than Chief and Coldfire, I ain’t heard of none of y’all.

And it’s prolly mutual.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you come here, do so for the wit and intelligence, not to see how high you can get your post count, or how many threads you can open in a day, or how many people vote for you in the various “most popular” threads.

I come here to bask in the intellectual luminescence of “The Worlds Smartest Human”, and literally dozens of other people, and am a better and more informed person for it. Sort of a smart sun-lamp for the mind.

On a side note: is it just me, or does this entire forum need to be renamed “Mundane Pointless Sex I Must Share”?

Sheesh! Get a room you degenerates.

If it’s any consolation I know your name. Of course, no one knows mine, so it doesn’t matter.

Sigh it a cross I must bear.

Actually, I am horrible in the sack. I suspect I may be less intelligent than I appear in the mirror, though.

Both your names are familiar.


kasuo, I remember you and Totoro too, I swear you people think you’re not noticed but sniffle it’s those of us that do notice all of you that don’t get noticed.

Kitty… (yeah the one that no one notices or care about until I get suicidal)