Onion, cilantro, lime!

I’ve made a tandoori style chicken on the grill that’s garnished with verrrry thinly sliced onions, torn up cilantro and squirted with lime wedges. For a “garnish” it adds so much tastiness to the dish.

My favorite spicy pho place loads the soup up with onions and cilantro, with a bowl of lime wedges on the side. Delicious!

This afternoon I had a hankering for some pico de gallo, and those three magic ingredients were the first into the bowl.

It’s funny how such a specific combo of flavours goes so well across such a wide array of foods. Are there other surprising combos that cut across as many types of cuisine? What else can I use this tasty trio for? I have a big bundle of cilantro in the fridge and may as well use it up.

Tacos…chopped steak and the trio nestled in a couple of corn tortillas.

Hmmmm…I do have a wee little steak in the fridge, just the right size for a few small tacos.

I was also going to say tacos. Chorizo for me, please.

Cut up some cucumber into the trio, add a bit of fish sauce and maybe sugar and salt and you’re in Southeast Asia.

I’m listening…

Would I use this as a condiment? Like with grilled meat? (obsessed with grilling things lately)

Garlic, onions and oregano. I put that sh*t in everything. So basic and yet so delicious. Burgers, soup, stews, rice, salsa, brown gravy— everything!

It is a salad that goes well with all sorts of things, especially grilled meat. I totally forgot that there’s usually some hot chili pepper, too.
Anyway, a quick search for ‘thai cucumber salad’ returns many, many variations. Often, vinegar is used along with the lime juice. Some folks add crushed peanuts or toasted rice. You really can’t go wrong!

Oooohh, the thai cucumber salad looks like a side dish I’ve had before. Tasty, but I’d kind of forgotten about it. Looks like a perfect part of a “yuck it’s so hot out but I really should eat something fresh and somewhat healthy” dinner.

Brown gravy, eh? I’m totally feeling that. (with your ingredients, that is. Lime and cilantro aren’t sounding too appealing as gravy ingredients)
So far so good with “I’ll try that next time I’m cooking” ideas.

Marinate some shrimp and cucumber to the holy trio, maybe some diced avocado, and boom YUMMMY!!

I think I misunderstood your thread. Glad you like my idea though.

Oh, no, I was most assuredly looking for other “Tasty trios that work surprisingly well across the board”. It was exactly the stuff I was thinking of.

Just wanted to confirm I wasn’t going mix up a batch of lime gravy for the Sunday Roast. (Though I know folks that might…)

For those who don’t know, shallots make a very nice substitute for onion with cilantro and lime. Since this combo is seldom cooked, the subtle shallot notes can come through and makes the whole package better.

+1 for shallots; they seem to add a slight garlicky flavor too, mmmmmmmm.

+2 for shallots as well :slight_smile:

Off to grill a steak to top with pico de gallo and avocado slices (no corn tortillas, nor ingredients to make 'em)

Thanks to this thread, dinner pretty much planned itself.
I made a thai cucumber salad and some pico de gallo tacos.

Thai Cucumber Salad
one seedless cucumber, sliced bite sized
one medium shallot, sliced thin
a handful of cilantro, chopped
one jalapeno, minced

one clove garlic, minced
two tbsp white vinegar
two tbsp fish sauce
juice of one half lime
one to two tsp brown sugar

Mix dressing in a separate bowl so that sugar dissolves, then stir into other ingredients. Taste and adjust sugar. Add some soy sauce or more fish sauce to adjust salt.

Here’s a couple photos, too:
Thai cucumber salad
Pico de gallo taco - Corn tortillas, smear of sour cream, seasoned ground beef, green salsa, chopped yellow onion, cilantro, lime juice, sazon.

Err… Silly me. Not pico de gallo, picadillo tacos.

Both photos look very tasty, identical.

Picadillo taco

Add chopped onion, cilantro, a little lime and some salt to mashed avocado and you’ve got guacamole (chopped tomato and/or chiles optional.)