Online Family Rosters Question

My mother used to keep current a family roster and sent it out to everyone in the family. She kept that up until shortly before her death last year. Mom sent it out in the mail to everyone and also sent an MS Word document of the roster to all of our E-mail addresses. Well, she obviously can’t do that anymore. I stepped up and made a spreadsheet and sent that in E-mail to my sister for her to check and E-mail to the next relative in the spreadsheet. It seems that’s not going to make the rounds–the family’s gotten too big and is too far-flung. I figured, “Hey, I have Trello and Pinterest! Can this be done on their private boards?”

So, here are my questions for the Teeming Millions:

[ol][li]Can this be done on a private board on Pinterest or Trello?[/li][li]Which one would be better?[/li][li]Or is there a third (fourth, fifth, so on) online option with appropriate privacy protections (passwords, etc.)?[/li][li]How can I ensure someone doesn’t re-edit an entry after it’s been verified correct?[/ol][/li]
Very many thanks from the globe-trotting Monty clan for any advice on this.

What is a family roster?

A roster is a list. Said list has names, relationships, birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers, postal addresses, and E-mail addresses.


I would check out Google Sheets, which is a cloud-based spreadsheet (Excel on the web, to be precise). You can set it so that only certain people can edit it, and anyone with the link can view it, but no one needs a special password to access it. And it won’t be indexed by Google - so people Googling Monty Yourname won’t end up finding your Sheet.

If you need to use Word, or set it up so that people can put in images like a Word document, you can use Google Docs. Same principle just a word processor instead of a spreadsheet.

Although maybe you can put images in spreadsheets, I dunno. Never tried.