Online game lets RWs fantasize about hunting down "Obama and the renegade Cong"

Here. It’s a scenario where Obama announces a “North American Union” and sparks a RW revolution. You get to play the revolutionaries.

So what? It’s a game. Big fucking deal.

What would be your reaction if it were about Bush and Cheney instead?

Personally, I would think that was pretty awful as well.

Me too.

It’s easy for everyone to say that NOW. It’s really easy for people to say, “yeah if it had happened under Bush, I would have opposed it too.” And, like any good rhetorical device, it’s impossible to prove or disprove.

I don’t find it disturbing. Just stupid.

Yeah, its weird, but I wouldn’t worry much about it. Evony for Rightards. Besides, I read underground comics with decidedly violent revolutionary themes, didn’t make me any crazier than I already was.

Chaney had a real life FPS, just ask his hunting buddy.

Agreed. It’s a stupid game that means precisely dick. Just so nobody can call me a lib/dem whore or whatever, out of the 50 or 60 politicians I’ve been privileged to know, every single one was a fucking crook. Why get bent out of shape over some dumbass internet game? That’s sort of like being outraged that people play WoW instead of spending time outdoors.

You have to sign up to play? Fascism at its finest. I just want to play the game without having my e-mail and IP get saved into some sort of Obama hating database. :frowning:

Which makes the question as ridiculous to ask as it is to answer.


Argent Towers I don’t think there should be games where the goal is to assassinate a real president of the USA.

Like this one?

Haha! Nevermind. I just actually played that game and it’s not quite what I thought it was.

And for the record, I think a game where you had to hunt down and defeat Dick Cheney would be friggin’ awesome. He’d be one of the toughest video game bosses of all time. Every shot he fires is a head shot!

I don’t see anything about assassinating anyone. The objective as stated on the website is to capture Obama.

Closest similar thing I can think of is JKF Reloaded (or something like that) where you try to duplicate Oswald’s shots. Difference is, that game is intended to demonstrate that it’s perfectly possible that Oswald acted alone, not to endorse the murder.

I got that from the OP. In that case hunt him down.

So long as the hunting down doesn’t involve bloodhounds baying on his trail…

That was their official line for the press; really though, I think the game is intended to provide people with the “thrill” of assassinating John F. Kennedy, and it succeeded. It created a huge controversy, and lots of people bought it (myself included.)