Online game lets RWs fantasize about hunting down "Obama and the renegade Cong"

I, an early and avid Obama supporter, am far from outraged. What I am is intrigued. Is it a browser game? A PC game? Is it like Mafia Wars or Ikiam? Is it turned based? An actual paper and pencil (and pixel) RP game?

Somebody go investigate! Not me. I suck at games and I don’t know how to play them unless somebody explains it to me first.

Now, now, it’s not all bad. Breaking news

What’s up with that blog list? Little Green Footballs and Red State don’t rate?

What’s Pitworthy is the mentality. Apart from the “Truther” fringe, I think most liberals and leftists, however they might rant, understood perfectly well that W was not really a fascist. But there seem to be a significant number of RWs – far, far outnumbering “Truthers” – who really are dumb/crazy/evil enough to think Obama is a Marxist, crypto-Muslim, born in Kenya, planning to suspend elections, herd his opponents into FEMA camps, etc., etc.

See this thread on “eliminationism.”

You are more fortunately than I. Half of mine were merely stupid.

ETA: Really, REALLY stupid.

ETAA: But some of them were also crooks. Didn’t take long–okay, it took ten years–for them to be found out to be crooked. The smarter ones took fifteen years.

I’m really most irritated that it’s written terribly.

But it didn’t. And there were no Democratic Congressmen that questioned Bush’s citizenship, or shouted “you lie”, or liberals carrying guns to presidential appearances.

I do seem to remember an online game where you could chuck shoes at Bush.

People spent eight years criticizing Bush non-stop; they called him a fascist, a Nazi, they said he was setting up a police state, that he was going to declare martial law; people were convinced he was going to bomb Iran as a “grand finale” before he left office; they had the most ridiculous ideas about him. Bush was in office the whole time I was in college, and all the kool kids bashed Bush non-stop. Non-stop. Now that Obama’s in office and the Bush years are over, these same people are now making a full time job out of complaining that people don’t like Obama. They’re just pathological complainers.

As it happens, Charles Johnson broke with the wingnut fringe and has rejoined sanity, so he’s persona non grata with those folks right now.

No, I’m serious.

I’m sorry you weren’t “kool”, must have been tough.

I don’t deny that a lot of people said the things you point out, but I never really got the impression that any of it save maybe the Impeach Bush stuff was a call to action, and at least the Impeach Bush stuff had real reasoning behind it, even if it was obviously never going to happen.

Conversely, the stuff I see against Obama is…unsettling. I’m willing to admit that possibly I’m viewing this through bias, but what I see is encouragement to rebellion. Not just dissent, but calls to action. Many people thought Bush did not legitimately win in 2000, but I never got the sense other than from a few crackpots that he should be considered an enemy of the US. I get that sense strongly from the Obama opponents, as evidenced by this game. The US is in the hands of a foreigner out to do us harm, and you’ll be a goddamned hero if you take him down, you real American you.

People bitched mightily about Bush and didn’t like where he was taking the country, true, but I never heard from anyone but a few cranks that he wasn’t the true President, and I never heard, period, that We Should Do Something About It, whether implied or explicitly stated.

Maybe it’s just because I’m in a liberal-leaning college town but I saw calls to impeach Bush constantly, on bumper stickers, on peoples’ windows, etc. I heard a lot of people call him a war criminal (is Bill Clinton a war criminal for killing civilians in Serbia?) I heard a lot of fellow college students claim that they would be overjoyed if Bush were assassinated. Talk of killing Bush was very common in the dorm I lived in for my first 1 and 1/2 years of college.

I remember it well because it always ended the same way: “well, if you killed him, then Cheney would be president!” “Shit, man, you’re right. Pass me that pipe.”

And the idea that Bush was an enemy of America and an enemy of freedom was all over the place. It was like the air you breathed. There was one Republican - one - on my dorm room floor, and he was immediately ostracized by everyone else, and eventually moved out. I remember it - within a week or so of the start of college, everyone talked about him like he was a child molester. “Ohmygod…did you know he’s a Republican?” One girl who…frequented…our floor wound up sleeping with him; thereafter people would mock her, saying, “she even fucked Chris…and he’s a REPUBLICAN!”

You seriously don’t remember these times?

Yes, I do recall those statements, perhaps because Bush should have been impeached. Bush was and is a war criminal. Bush wasn’t an enemy of America, but with friends like him America hardly needed more enemies.

Honestly, I don’t. I remember the “But then Cheney would be President!” thing only in the context of throwing Bush out of office. Talk of assassination simply goes beyond the pale.

Even still, there are very real reasons for disliking Bush beyond being a Republican. Whether or not you think the right call was made in the 2000 election, surely it’s reasonable to admit the whole situation was pretty hinky. The Iraq war has really hurt us as a nation, so on and so forth. Ask a Bush hater why he does, and chances are good he’ll point at some actual reasons. Ask an Obama hater why he does, and chances are good it’ll be because Glenn Beck thinks he’s a socialist Kenyan.

I mean, some people are trying to at least find policy issues to disagree with Obama on, even if sometimes I think it’s a case of deciding the conclusion and then finding facts to support it. But they are waaaaaay in the minority. I’m almost kind of relieved that it’s far enough into his presidency that he’s making some missteps, as now opponents will actually have something concrete they can point at.

I for one admit that I would have been less disturbed–disturbed, but less so–if such a game had come out during the Bush administration. That’s because I’d’ve known it was a joke. In the current hysterical climate, there are too many wingnuts who take the premise of this game very, very seriously.

Lefties were talking about impeaching Bush for crimes he had already committed; the hysterical right wingers are talking about killing Obama simply for who he is. Which is more disturbing?

And even if you disagree that Bush’s actions actually were crimes, at least he had already done the actions in question. What was the reaction when it was merely made known that Obama was going to give a speech to schoolkids, before anyone even knew the content? The hysteria is insane. At least the left waited until Bush said something before ridiculing it.

Nice historical revisionism. After 9/11, Bush had close to a 90% approval rating. The liberals were more than happy to give him a chance.

Now, the right wants to lynch Obama because he’s doing (gasp!) the exact same fucking things Bush and Reagan did, like have czars and give school speeches. Who are the real ‘pathological complainers’?

I don’t know anything about any polls; all I can do is recount my own personal experiences during Bush-hate-mania. People used to talk about killing him all the time. My own friends talked about it. After Kerry was defeated in the 2004 election, everyone I knew was clamoring about how the election was “stolen” and how the Diebold machines were rigged to give Bush the vote and how it’s all a big conspiracy, man, pass the pipe.