Online interest inventory/personality/aptitude/etc testing

I’m in my early fifties but in an industry that is dying. I’m looking for websites that offer effective interest inventory/aptitude/lifestyle management testing that can help me determine what to do with the rest of my life.

Any suggestions? (Not just for testing websites but in general.)

Yeah, I know this might be subject to debates or humble opinions so mods feel free to move as appropriate.


I did a swift search for free aptitude and career tests. I did get a lot of returns for it, but I also found some advice about them. The advice was basically to try a few free tests, make sure you can opt-out of any E-mail or whatever spam the free test will generate, remember that the test provider is likely trying to motivate you to purchasing their full test, and to ignore the results if “they don’t feel right to you.”

So, search for: free online career aptitude test. Then take the ones you “feel right” taking.


To clarify, however, I’m willing to pay if needed. After all, “what to do with the rest of my life” versus $50, $100, or maybe even a lot more is ok. I’m looking for quality.

Most of the ones I found wanted email or money or my first child or something.
I found one totally free, and without email:

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Um, not what I got? Button was at the bottom of the page, albeit sandwiched between 2 google ads.

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My bad, RealCamz! I see the “Continue” button now. It didn’t render completely in my browser and, like you said, sandwiched between two ads. Thanks! Will check it out!

I think there’s a Myers-Briggs personality type test around that you can take online, I just can’t seem to find it. It’s the one where you get 4 letters, like INTF or something.