Online Myers Briggs tests

I’m not looking for a bitter argument over the horrors of 16 type personality testing, I’m not trying to discuss the validity or objectionability or whatever of the thing. I’m just looking for a better online test, and I know I **used[/ib] to have one bookmarked. Unlike the one at or several others I’ve found today, this one was much longer and you answered in a range of (I believe) 1-10. It seemed like a far better test. I know I found it by bizarre tangental links, however, probably I hit on one of the type descriptors at the end and worked back. I’ve been looking for hours and hours and I think I’ve been through every even vaugely related page on the web.

My favorite - a page that told me how I should diet, based on my personality type. Obviously they had never encountered an INTJ - in fact, I don’t believe they think I exist. Second place - the one that proposed to tell me what I looked like. Except it was pretty dead on. But still crackpot funny.

Anyway, any ideas? Any lost forlorn bookmarks in the back folder for me? Thanks.