online pharmacies: Who has used them and should they be trusted?

Okay I’ve seen these online pharmacies. I’m aware some have been shut down.

Can I “really” and “Legally” get painkillers without a formal doctor’s prescription? Has anyone used any of these pharmacies, and if so which ones did they trust?

Id assume the prices would be incredibly inflated, is this a correct assumption?

Legally. No (Look at the labels of even non-narcotics (even 800mg advil for that matter)) “THIS DRUG CANNOT BE DISPENSED WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION”

As for really…well that’s a different matter. Let’s just say (without getting into details that will lock this thread even sooner then it probably already will be). Yes, I have first hand expierence, yes they can REALLY be had. Of course this was 5 years ago and things have probably tightened up somewhat. I’m sure it’s still more then possible though.

I’ve read that some online pharmacys will hire an actual doctor to fill perscriptions which you would obtain via online or phone interview. If you answer the questions right, you get the drugs.