"Only 20 People in the Universe Like ___, and 19 of them are SDMB Regulars"

I wouldn’t agree with that; I know tons of Renaissance fans outside the SDMB. Including the guy who always brags about playing with Annie Haslam’s toes.

And if I’d have had the money, I’d have bought more than one copy.

Studio 60

The Nine


Proving that either none or not enough of us are Nielsen families!

“Only one person in the Universe Likes ___, and he is a SDMB Regular”

Starship Troopers


That and the rest of the Joss Whedon junk.

For the sake of all we’ve meant to each other over the years, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that.

There was a thread rather recently about short-lived shows. Somene mentioned Best of the West which was a very short-lived show back in the early 1980’s about an old west town after the Civil War. I was surprised that someone mentioned it because I had never met anyone that remembered it at all. A few people came out and said they loved it as did I.

Grindhouse, apparently.

That film came out in the early '80’s, before DVD’s were around. Was there a remake that I missed?

He means that the first DVD release of that 1980s film came out relatively recently, and had a hefty price tag because there wasn’t a lot of demand for such an odd film*. It had previously been released on VHS at a low price (I have a copy).

  • Not odd in all venues. It ran for months in the mainstream movie theaters in Salt Lake when it was first released, and afterwards ran 3-4 times a year at the art cinemas in that early-VHS era,. before the film was released to video.

The first thing I thought of was Terry Pratchett, but I see I was beaten to the punch.

And evidently those 20 people (with me not being one of them) are buying multiple copies of his books.

Heinlein. Outside of SDMB I know lots of people who have heard of him but very few who like him.

Pratchett is enormously popular!

I apologize, Opal. That was my crude attempt at forum humor.

And I still do not get Alton Brown.

(resumes lurk mode)

Sure, but he’s written like 10million books, so all it took was five completists to reach that number.

See? SEE?! Where else would you find not just someone, but SEVERAL someones, with such offhand in-depth information on such an esoteric film? Nowhere but here, that’s where.

The Princess Bride is inconceivably popular here :smiley:

Uncle Bonsai

“Cheerleaders on drugs…” :smiley:

I recall a few Dopers mentioning The Order of the Stick (and one mention of Erfworld, the newer comic on the site).

My parents introduced me to an obscure British comedy songwriting team from the 1950’s, Flanders and Swann. They’re kind of like Tom Lehrer. Anyhow, in real life, I’ve met exactly one person outside my family who’s heard of them, but they’ve been discussed several times on the SDMB.

For that matter, one doesn’t hear Tom Lehrer discussed in casual conversation all that often, but he comes up a fair amount here.