"Only 20 People in the Universe Like ___, and 19 of them are SDMB Regulars"

My first entry: Andy Richter. Outside the SDMB, I’ve never met anyone who gave Andy Richter a second thought. Within the SDMB, he’s widely regarded as some kind of genius.

Who else has a suprisingly disproportionate number of followers here?

P.S. Actually, I could offer a negative example: I’d never even HEARD of Jack Chick before stumbling upon this message board, but everyone here seems to read his stuff religiously!

I never met anyone in real life who loves the movie Hudson Hawk, but when I posted that in one of those threads about “What movie do you love that everyone else hates?” there were scores of Dopers who said they also loved Hudson Hawk (affirming my suspicion that people who love Hudson Hawk are those that think on a higher plane). I was so excited that I wanted to start a little club of Hudson Hawk aficionados.

April Lawton
Up The Creek

Arrested Development.

Before I came to the SDMB, I don’t think I’d ever met anyone who had read the Gormenghast books, by Mervyn Peake.
It amazes me that many of my more obscure faves are discussed here as if they are household words. For example, just try mentioning Nyarlathotep on most other messageboards, and listen to the crickets chirp.

Those aren’t crickets…* :eek:

There are people who don’t like Tapeheads?!? :eek:

This is probably the only message board where I can mention 2 comic book favorites from my youth - “Metal Men” and “Doom Patrol” and find that here, there are many Dopers who were (and still are), loyal fans of both.

Heck, on this board someone such as Merry Clayton has achieved an almost superstar status.

One of the few I subscribed to, I admit.

I don’t know about the Metal Men (but given that they’re getting something of a push right now, I suspect the PTB at DC are fond of them, too), but the Doom Patrol is quite popular in my comics circles - Grant Morrison’s run, particularly, but the original gets a lot of love, too.

I’ve never found anyone other than myself who likes the Kupperberg and Arcudi runs as much as Morrison and Drake runs, though… (Pollack’s seems to polarize people like nothing else.)

  1. Alton Brown.

  2. Cats.

  3. “Hi, Opal!”
    (runs away)

Before it received its large general release, the film Koyaanisqatsi made a limited DVD release of something like 200 copies, at $180 a pop, to (as I recall) raise money for legal funds to aid in making a wide release possible. And at least four of those premium-priced copies were bought by SDMB members.

Alton Brown is pretty popular amongst all my various groups of friends, web and real life. Admittedly, all of those groups run heavily to geekiness, but still.

And why not? She only performed the single best rock vocal on the single best rock song evar!

I don’t know about Terry Pratchett’s popularity outside of this board, but I never heard of him before I joined. Now I’m pissed that there isn’t a book I haven’t read.

“As of February 2007 he had sold approximately 50 million books worldwide.[2]” - Wikipedia.
I’d say there’s a chance he’s reasonably popular outside this board. :smiley:

Mystery Men, Zoolander, Big Liebowski

Hey now!
I happen to know that at least 27 people like me, and at least 12 of them are not on the SDMB!!

Fred Phelps too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him outside this message board, yet at least once a month there’s an “OMG Fred Phelps is SO offensive” thread. Perhaps he’s a member.