Only 364 Days 'Til Halloween 2004: Help with a costume element?

Mods, I wasn’t quite sure whether to put this question into the CS forum or GQ. It’s movie-related, but it’s more of a GQ. Feel free to move this post if you disagree.

Next year for Halloween I’d like to dress as either Brodie Bruce from “Mallrats,” or The Jesus from “The Big Lebowski.” However, I’m having trouble with one element from each costume:

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a Brodie Bruce brown corduroy coat? It doesn’t have to be the actual one worn by him, but I’d like something at least similar, preferably in that same dark brown. Any ideas?

  2. The most important part of The Jesus costume has to be the purple bowling jumpsuit. Anyone know where one can procure one of these? Even something similar (if it could be dyed purple) should work fine.

Help, movie fans!

2004 is a leap year.

You’ve got 365 days.

So relax.