Only 39 kids?

I live in a big neighborhood with more kids than a Pokemon convention held at a chocolate factory and yet only 39 made it to our house.

So, if anyone wants candy let me know. Can Sweettarts fit in an envelope?

The kids are too scared to ring your bell, Mully. It has been that way since they learned that your face really WASN’T a mask you just happened to wear the year 'round.

Got any licorice?

Yeah I do Coldfire. Feel free to ignore the needle sized holes in it. And yes, it is supposed to have a liquid filling. Eat up!

Something tells me I shouldn’t accept any candy from Mully. Just a hunch. :slight_smile:

I hear ya man. What the hell am I s’posed to do with all these left over caramel covered treble hooks?

Sweet Tarts? No wonder you didn’t get any kids. They were all over at my house getting the mini-3 Muskateers and Junior Mints.

(except the 2 teenage girls who showed up without a costume. They got the Sweet Tarts and gumballs left over from last Halloween.)

According to my neighbour, she got over two hundred kids their first year in the house. Last night, we got less than a hundred.

Oh well, more candy for the kids, and the hubby. And me. :slight_smile:

I know part of it can be explained by kids being lazier. All that walking has to take away from valuable TV time, but I figured the lure of candy to curther clog their young arteries might persuade them to bust out the old cross trainers.