Only Connect - British quiz show

I recently have been recording Master Minds, from the Game Show Network, because Ken Jennings is on it. And I watch The Chase, the old one with Mark Labett (aka The Beast) and also the current reboot with Labett, as well as Jeopardy winners Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

I saw Only Connect mentioned somewhere, probably the Jeopardy thread, and I’ve sort of been binge watching it on YouTube. I’m terrible at it, mostly because I’m American I’m sure!

Much to my surprise, Mark Labett is on S02E06 of Only Connect! His team is called The Rugby Boys - all ex-rugby players. And they move on to the final!

Ho, my name is Rebo and I’m addicted to trivia and quiz shows. :smiley:

I’ve been watching it. Sometimes being American helps as there are occasional categories about American cities, baseball or television.

My daughter and I totally love the show. We’re annoyed (unjustly so, of course) when the connection turns out to be “They are all darts champions from South Swansmore.”

On the other hand, I’m often amazed at how much knowledge of American history and geography the British contestants have.

(The best one-liner I’ve heard about OC: Why am I so fond of a quiz show in which a typical answer might be, “They are all anagrams of Swedish nicknames for the avocado”?