Only in PA (Call off the indictment or I jump!)

From the state that brought you Bud Dwyer, we now have the nearly-indicted Philadelphia city councilman Rick Mariano threating to jump from the fourth floor of city hall. Searching for a link, but it’s live on the local stations right now.

Okay, they talked him off the ledge. Here’s an in-progress story from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I misheard earlier; it was the seventh-floor observation deck.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out when the indictment does come down. I’m not quite cynical to believe that Rick did this as part of his defense strategy, but it seems like something a good defense lawyer could use to look for sympathy from a jury.

I’d call his bluff. “Go on, jump! Save us all from having to throw your ass in jail, ya lousy bum!”

If only more corrupt politicians went out that way…

How seriously should we take this, if the warm and empathetic John Street was the one to talk him down?

Well, Mayor Street does have to be considering his next job about now. Maybe he can work a suicide prevention hotline for corrupt public officials. Around here, that should keep him busy for quite a while.

So R. Bud Dwyer had already been convicted right?
One would hope it was a solid case so that he at least deserved such a gruesome death.

The worst part is-

They interrupted The Simpsons!

That whole observation deck looks to be enclosed by what I’m assuming is there to prevent anyone from jumping/falling.

It would’ve looked a little funny if he had tried and wasn’t able to slam himself through the glass.

In true Philly fashion, the PD needs to drop a bag full of explosives from a helo to scare him back inside City Hall. What could possibly go wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging from footage of an interview earlier in the day, and footage of Mariano walking through Suburban station, I’m feel confident that he was drunk or otherwise under the influence of various substances. He was somewhat buzzed during the first interview. I think he went up in the tower so he could enjoy the view while ingesting more mind altering substance.

Yes, today the local media are getting to that; even if he wanted to he couldn’t have jumped. If that had been his plan, he could have jumped from the window of his fifth floor office. This doesn’t mean that the cops and firefighters were wrong, though, as Mariano has a carry permit and the fear was that he might have gone up to the tower to be alone when he did the deed. False alarm, since his aides are saying that he wasn’t armed at the time.

By Og I thought I’d never say this but I miss Philadelphia. The politics were so much fun to watch.

Well, this is the city where the incumbent’s reelection campaign was going badly – until it got the boost it needed from the news that the FBI was investigating his administration on corruption charges. :rolleyes:

John Street is a thug. His brother is a tax evader. This great city has languished since Frank Rizzo left office.

I ask this seriously, what problems did you have with Rendell.

I’m also confused by just about any positive statement about Rizzo. The picture I’ve gotten of Rizzo is a mayor who is a friend and protector of the police, and the driving force behind their program to club the crap out of blacks.

Doc – I’m pretty sure dances was just trying to get a rise out of me, since he knows I’m a rabid Democrat.

At least I hope he was just trying to get a rise out of me…

That’s not how you spell “Richardson Dilworth”.

Man, our politics are so boring. sigh All we have is the guy who set himself and his van on fire in Queen’s Park during the farmers’ protest…

Gee, nothing interesting has happened in New Jersey politics lately