Only now have I realized...

Did I put on way too much smoky black eyeliner this morning?

you bet.

now I’m doomed to sing “Crimson and Clover” and snarl at people while making flight arrangements.


As long as you don’t have as much eyeliner on as Nicole Kidman did on Letterman last week. Anyone else think she looked like hell?

Is there such a thing?

[sub]I’m sorry… the Goth thing was huge when I was in HS, and I still have an affinity for it. ;)[/sub]

I wouldn’t have thought so myself. But I guess there’s a line to be drawn between the makeup you wear to the party on Saturday night and the workplace on Tuesday.

I didn’t see Nicole Kidman, but it seems to me a woman of her beauty and complexion shouldn’t have black eyeliner on at all!

My skirt is too short and my dress is a wee bit too tight across the chest. But I can’t go home and change, so I’ll just be sitting here humming “Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon” and preparing invoices.

will you also o.d. on cocaine and have sex with John Travolta?

or is that tomorrow?

Samuel Jackson today, Travolta tomorrow, Eric Stoltz’s sensitive hippie drug dealer on Friday.

My new shoes are wearing a hole in my foot; I may never walk correctly again.

I only just realized this as I got to my train stop, far too late to turn around and go back home to change. So I’m sitting here with no shoes on while my boss makes fun of me.

No black eyeliner here, though!

Ya know? Where is Miss Dressed in Black? Sure the Punk-Pop music meld never went down smoothly, but certainly we would hear something more from my local favorite? I met her after a show once and she gave me a kiss!! :eek::cool:

Just don’t start crying. We don’t want the Tammy Faye thing happening here.

::Walks away humming “I Love Rock and Roll”::

I think I have just the right amount of black eyeliner on today - sort of in between joan jett and ally sheedy in the Breakfast Club.

I AM a punkrock girl…

Joan Jett is alive and well and tiny as ever. She’s got super short silver hair now and I dig her the most. I bought her a dog collar once, but that’s a story for another time.


No eyeliner, no mascara, no eye makeup of any sort whatsoever. God, I think if I wore mascara my eyes would be permanently stuck together. Nasty.

I did realize, sadly, that for unknown reasons, my deodorant is not quite up to snuff today. Especially on the left. Luckily, I have a killer sense of smell, which means that to mere mortals, nothing is awry. Still, I won’t be waving my left arm around too much.

Bet yer glad you asked. :smiley:

As a result of a classically bad haircut, I have been forced to wear (gasp) hair gel. I hate hair gel. And, it turns out, I don’t know how to use it.

I put too much in my hair today.

My hair could deflect bullets.

Large-caliber bullets.

Can we all go home now?

Amen Mr. Visible,

let’s call Tuesday a wash and start up tomorrow, when my makeup will look bright and dewy fresh.


And on the 8th day He created smokey black eyeliner. And He said go forth and use it sparingly. Of course since men wrote the bible they left this informative little bit out! And now women everywhere are forced to wear way too much smokey black eyeliner. It has happened to me more times than I can mention and if only the bible wasn’t sexist, we would know better! For those of you who don’t believe the bible then think of your own reason for over indulging in the eyeliner!
My worst problem, sometimes my hair turns out way too poofy. At the San Diego Dopefest, I was helmet head, poofed out beyond belief. This is why the pictures of me have disappeared. I don’t want the first pictures of MamaHen being laughed at for the hair! There are so many other reasons to laugh at me!
Now that I have shared that I have to go back and wait to see what ** Ender ** is doing today.

She o.d. from heroin not cocaine. Sorry but its favorite movie of mine.

Sorry about that, but i fell asleep during it :smiley:

I’ve read this several times now, and that first sentence still is not making any sense whatsoever. :wink:

cheer up jarbaby!

It could be worse. My former boss walked around the whole day with her shirt inside out. Nobody told her until about 2pm. ( :rolleyes: killjoy!)

I didn’t even get to see it. Why do I always end up sick on the good days…

Well, I was eating breakfast at my desk and a dripped some lemon yogurt onto my sweater, right across my boobs. Does that mean I get to hum “Another One Rides the Bust”?