Ask the guy in Eyeliner!

Back in September I opened a thread about this topic, now nearly a year later I’m finally going to post the clamored for before and after photos since I’m now wearing eyeliner semi regularly and open for questions.

I started wearing eye liner about a month ago now. I don’t wear it every day, it’s part of my evening attire when I’m going out for a fun time or when I’m volunteering at the local improv theatre. I was given the eye liner months ago and never felt comfortable enough with myself to begin wearing it or playing around with it. I finally got to a position where I was feeling good about myself. I’m losing weight. I’m getting in shape. I’m building more self confidence and I’m living alone as I’m house sitting for my parents while mom is out in Houston.

I had the time one day to surf around online and collect wisdom which I was not afforded as a child, and so I began toying with it (quite literally). I finally got it looking decent and decided I could be comfortable with this in public. So I donned it for an afternoon when I went to the local improv theatre (where we love every crazy person) and I began eliciting input.

I tend towards the very subtle, the pictures I’m showing here are actually a bit darker than I normally wear. My goal in wearing it is for girls to notice and guys not too, which is quite easy as I’ve discovered. It’s something guys don’t recognize (even on women) but women spot almost instantly.

I’ve taken four photos initially with some close ups later on.
No eyeliner, wearing glasses
No eyeliner, no glasses
wearing eyeliner, no glasses
wearing eyeliner, wearing glasses

It’s an interesting progression, I haven’t done this progression of photos before.

Some closer shots:
Closer view of eyeliner sans glasses
Closer view of glasses and eyeliner

The experience of wearing it and getting some very surprising and blatant female responses set me thinking and so I have a quick series of answers to the question of ‘Why do women dig guys in eye liner?’
Guys in eyeliner…
A) …are different than most other guys.
B) …tend to be social!
C) …put effort into how they look, they don’t wake up and run. They spend time on their looks.
D) …have more attractive eyes by use of the makeup and eyes are the most often quoted feature that attracts women.

I could be way off base here, but that’s my theory. Now the response hasn’t been totally positive, I’ve had a few women tell me they didn’t like it - and that is of course a sign of it not being a panacea in terms of looks. It isn’t going to bring the women flocking, but it is something I wish I had explored earlier since the response has been largely positive.

How feminine does it make me look? That’s one thing a lot of people bring up, and for me that isn’t much of an issue. I’m 6’6" and a big guy, so I’m not in danger of being mistaken for a woman any time soon (unless I travel to Siberia where the Goatee won’t protect me).

So, give me input on it! Do you girls like it? Why? Do you hate it? why? Guys do you think I’m nuts? Are you curious? What questions do you Dopers have?

Hey, it’s Mundane, it’s Pointless, and it’s shameless self pimping :wink:

– Tha’ Punk

I wore it recently, I think at some event like Prom or something. Girls noticed it, and liked it very much, where I don’t know if any guys could tell too much. It has all been helped by Johnny Depp and PotC - never met a woman who didn’t find that character atleast partially attractive in part due to eyeliner.

Do you prefer liquid or pencil?

Nice! You have light eyes, so the eyeliner emphasizes them well. And you have a very long way to go before you’d even approach looking feminine. You’re an attractive guy.

Eyeliner on guys can be a good thing or a bad thing, just like it would be on girls.

My little sister used to apply eyeliner for me, since I was both a little shaky and somewhat inept. I can do it myself now, but don’t often, since it’s rare that I bother to wear any makeup.

I think eyeliner on men is great. Nice trend.

Keep American beautiful. Er, handsome.


What kind are you using?

I’ve only had experience with pencil, when I have some disposable income I’m going to experiment with liquid.

Thanks! Yeah, getting the steady hand took some practice, and also when I first started my eyes were super sensitive and anytime the pencil touched they would try to blink. The more I’ve worn it the more calm my hand and eyes have become.

Abso-friggin-lutely! And also, if more men took time with their appearance we’d have a lot more more handsome guys. I feel embarassed to think I used to brag about being ready to go in five minutes rather than taking the time to get a good shave and brush my teeth and shower and style my hair - etc…

My friend bought it for me, but it’s a black eyeliner pencil from Maybeline. She also bought me mascara (They came as a set) and I haven’t put the Mascara to use since I already have long eye lashes.

I wear eyeliner frequently. Used to wear it ALL the time when I was clubbing 4 nights a week (In my goth/punk attire.) 'Course I had on a lot of other makeup too. Still wear the eyeliner when going out in the evening on occasion or when performing. Really makes my eyes “pop”.

I’ve found the the female population is generally very receptive. But I think the key is to be comfortable with it. To KNOW that you look good and make no apologies for it. If someone notices, and asks why I’m wearing makeup, I smile and tell them, “It makes me feel pretty!” Never had anyone object or make a negative comment. As long as you’re self-confident and it’s in keeping with your personality, most people are very accepting. There’s no reason that men can’t make themselves “feel pretty” too. Doesn’t mean your gay, weird, or a freak. And I find that most people just accept it as part of my unique persona.

I started wearing concealer/foundation as a teen to conceal acne. Then found it was less noticable if I used it to even out my whole complexion rather that as a spot treatment. I don’t need it as much as I used to, but I’m not opposed to concealing my occasional blemish. Why should girls be the only ones to get that benifit? Equality goes both ways. It used to be that men couldn’t have long hair, couldn’t have their ears peirced (and then for a while, only one). Women weren’t supposed to wear pants, and other such nonsense. The makeup is the same. It should be available to EVERYBODY, and for the most part people are more accepting of someone who has a unique sense of style.

Oh, and I reccomend the Bonnie Bell eyeliners. They have a “Soft Black”, but I really liked “Black Ink”. Put it on the inner edge of your eyelids (top and bottom) and your eyes will “POP”! I find it easier to apply it on the bottom nice and heavy then blink a few times to transfer some to the top to guide you in applying it to the top lid. I find the top lid is trickier. And yes, with repetition the tickling and eye watering will pass. Have fun, man!

Just wanted to add another chorus of “You look mahvelous darling!” to the group. As a matter of fact, if you ever decide to add even more, I hope you post those pictures as well. I’m sure you’d be even more adorable and ya never know, someone on here my see 'em and want you to front their punk band. :slight_smile:

RCP-You are appling the eyeliner on the rims of your eyes-correct?
If and when you start using liquid you may find that painful. Liquid eyeliner is applied to the base of the lashes on the lid itself not the inner rims.
Just in case no-one mentioned that to you yet.

I wear contacts myself and found that I had to switch to liquid liner.
Also never share eyeliner. You don’t want to expose yourself to possible irriation or infections of the eye.

That said, you do appear more handsome with the liner on. It really brings your eyes out.

My sister and I put makeup on our brother when he was young. Poor guy, he felt so left out of the club with a Mom and two older sisters. So we sat him down and applied foundation, blush, mascara, and finishing powder. Grandma just about had a bovine! She muttered to herself that it would make him gay. :rolleyes: No signs of that. He is happily married. But I think he stopped wearing make up/realized he doesn’t need to because we as a family have really clear skin and he was BLESSED with eyelashes to kill for. So he doesn’t even need eyeliner to make his eyes pop. I do though. And my husband loves to help me apply the eyeliner.

It’s actually the first time eyeliner in a non-goth setting has been pointed out to me in a man, but I like it. You have a nice light hand, it’s subtle, it just gives your eyes an extra definition they lack naturally. I don’t think even my grandmother would consciously notice it or be bothered by it, frankly.

Well thank you :slight_smile: And actually I’ve been doing my voice exercises. So if anyone needs a lead singer… lemme know :wink:

Yeah I’m doing only the bottom and doing it on the inner rims, I didn’t know it would be most likely needed to change for liquid though. I had heard someone mention that I should do it outside the rim, but when I tried it I thought I looked like a racoon (part of why I don’t go over the eye too, the other part being subtlety). But thanks for the info and for the compliments!

Yeah, that level of subtlety is what I aim for. The first time I wore it to the theatre the house manager looked at me and complimented me on my new glasses, when in fact I’d had them for years and he’d seen me in them regularly. When I told him that they weren’t new he was bewildered as to what was drawing his eye until I pointed it out! And yes, I think everyone would adjust to me in eyeliner but I’m still working up the courage to do it to my church family ;). Some of them are pretty… uh… what’s the word… traditional? We have one guy who gets upset whenever any young men wear shorts to church. So, I’m going to have to slowly work on it. :wink:

I think I’ve made the comment once or twice about wanting to lick his eyeliner…
Though I do prefer him in his pirate gear. Yowsa.

Anyway, the eyeliner does look good on you, and why is it men always have long lashes when they don’t care to have it?

Very nice! I much prefer pencil/crayon over liquid, much easier to apply, liquid flakes, and pencil/crayon is so much more forgiving of slight mistakes. I line both the inner rims and outer lash area. I find it easiest to dot the lower lash line and then smudge. If black is too much for the lash line, you migh want to try a soft grey. Keep it close to the lashes, and smudge! The hard edges of the liner, imho, is too harsh.

Good on you for having the guts to try something like this, I know that I am impressed with a guy who is a little edgy.

As I said in another post, Johnny Depp in pirate regalia is downright yummy, and the eyeliner plays a part of theat. ::drool::

Ok then, I’ll be the odd ball evil poster.

I hate it. Tremendously not sexy and far from manly. The “pretty boy”’ look does nothing for me and I certainly don’t want a boyfriend who spends as much, if not more time on his looks than me.

Perhaps I’m a bitch, but if one of my male friends showed up in eyeliner, I’d start laughing and ask what the hell he was thinking. Stage makeup for being on stage is one thing, but a man in day to day makeup has absolutely no appeal to me. It’s not even just neutral, it’s a total turn off.

Johnny Depp in pirate get up is certainly an exception though :slight_smile:

I agree with DiosaBellissima. Sorry, but I don’t like it. I don’t really understand why you want to wear it. Now, in a goth/punk setting (like a club or concert) I could understand. But for just daily wear? I would be very confused by it. This would be me: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I would be very weirded out if my boyfriend wore makeup. Even though he is a musician with an emo/punk sound, I still would not be attracted to that look. It’s just not… manly. Again, very not sexy… women like men to be men, and not be be like women, you see? Like Diosa, if a straight male friend of mine showed up wearing eyeliner (and we weren’t at a goth club or something) I would ask him what the heck he was thinking.

Ahhhhhh… don’t listen to them. There will always be a few naysayers, but there are PLENTY of women, that LOVE a guy who’s:

a.) Unique (Not a cookie cutter of the same jocks that hit on them OVER and OVER at the clubs)
b.) Confident about expressing himself
c.) “Metro”. Nothing wrong with taking care of your appearence, and being well groomed.

I had a roommate who tried wearing make-up (didn’t suit him, though) because he wanted to see if THAT was why I was so successful with the ladies.

Besides. The same ladies who say “No, makeup on a guy is NOT attractive” readily admit that JOHNNY DEPP in makeup is hot.

Why? Because it accentuates his good features, he’s confident and makes no appologies for it. Its all about “owning” the look. If it comes off as just part of your persona and not an affectation, not many will question it.


How much does this little obsession…er…“addition” run you per month or so?

I get the feeling that there are a lot of females that’d like to see this more widespread. I don’t believe I’m going to start this up any time very soon. My bellybutton is pierced. That’s about as girly as I think I’ll ever get.

(to answer the next question, it’s because I had never seen a guy with it done. I just wanted to be ahead of the curve. I’m a trendsetter, baby, just you wait.)