only on the weekend?!?!?!

I did try and make sure this problem has not been mentioned yet, and I didn’t see it…didn’t look at every thread…cuz there are lots.

I am apparently only able to access the message boards on the weekend. All other times I end up with the “this page cannot be displayed” page. I see that other people post during the week so this can’t be a common problem.

Or can it?


Well, it could be (a) coincidence or (b) that there is way more traffic during the weekday, particularly between 8a - 5p, USA eastern and central times. Many of our community post from work.

If you’ve not been around long, there is a long and illustrious history involving the hamster-driven server at the Chicago Reader. On any given week there is likely a thread or three about how slow the server is and getting “page not found” errors.

Just be patient. We’re worth the wait. :cool:

In fact, those folks are the problem. We’re too big for our britches. And every time we get new britches, er, servers, we outgrow them, too. I’m sure that parents of young children can sympathize.

It seems to work fine now. Eh. Thanks to all who gave my impatience a…uh…patient response.