Ooh, Baby, you are so talented... and they are SO dumb!


A pastor convinced members of his flock to give him headjobs to obtain his divine semen. Blazing Saddles is more plausible than real life.

Yeah, he raped a bunch of people. I can’t really get to the point of laughing about that.

I’m not completely persuaded that the acts described are rape.

If Adam, an adult, tells Betty, also an adult, that ingesting his semen will confer God’s blessings, and Betty then engages in oral sex with him, I don’t believe a crime has been committed.

What am I missing?


But seriously, it isn’t rape if you tell someone to do something, and they do it of their own free will. It’s their own fault that they would possibly believe you have to give head to go to heaven.

Straight up stupidity.

Y’know, one would think even the poor and uneducated know that something’s not right when it involves “holy semen”. Even in places with the notion of “rape by deception” in the books there are standards of what a reasonable person would do.

Isn’t there a “rape by fraud” thing on the books? Getting people into the sack via fraudulent means?

Yeah, but as far as I know, such a thing only exists in a few places, and most of them are in the States

As far as most people are concerned, it isn’t rape unless there is a use of force.

Is the threat of eternal damnation considered coercion?

Yes, there is.

But as a general principle, those statutes don’t reach this kind of conduct.

Ha, I’ve actually seen variations on this as a premise in an occasional pornographic parody. I don’t think anyone would put it in "serious fiction, it’s one of those situations that if written into a serious fictional work people would just roll their eyes and call it unbelievable.

Most experts believe rape is more about power than about sex. If you are coercing sex by exercising your influence over someone who is gullible enough to buy it, I think perhaps it enters into some sort of gray area. A jury may not buy it, though.

I think he’s guilty of Mopery. or Dopery.

But then I’m not a law-talking person, so I must be pretty dumb.

Forget the jury – I’m suggesting that as a matter of law, merely being gullible is insufficient to sustain the charge. In other words, this never gets to a jury.

I just want to note that this took place in Brazil, not the US. He was arrested and had to post bail, and the article quotes him as saying he hopes to continue his work in prison. So, maybe prison time for this kind of thing is the rule there?

Or, maybe this is a badly-translated parody article?

That’s primarily an ideological claim not a factual one.

I’ve heard people claim that on another forum. It’s hard to check when you don’t speak the language.

Well, if the person is so gullible that they’re incapable of denying consent, then AFAIK, in most jurisdictions, that’s rape. Examples include mentally disabled adults, and people under influence of drugs (children are a part of this category that are typically given their own category by statute, but it’s for the same general idea).

What if they’re just really stupid?

Or they could just be small-town folks, simple hard working people, the salt of the earth, you know… morons.

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I’m thinking the Brazilian version of “The Onion”

What, you’ve never heard of being filled with the Holy Spurt?