Pedo the wonder troll finds the SDMB.

Henry Miller is one sick son-of-a-bitch.

Sexual activity doesn’t require any form of competency. You don’t need sophistication or understanding of anything in order to have an orgasm. Tell me what’s immoral about using masturbation to calm a crying infant or to just create a bonding experience with them?

You fucking pedophile, get the hell out of here.

My argument is that sexual activity between children and adults is illegal for very insufficient reasons. Sexual activity is in fact beneficial for bonding purposes. Do you deny that? All you’ve done is express contempt and incredulity. Try again.
The door, take it. Lock it behind you please.

Bah. You get all up in arms about a triviality like pedophilia, yet you ignore his complete refusal to break text into paragraphs. Sheesh.

Are you pitting him or any idiot that read that block of text and though ‘this needs a response?’

So you recognize it as a troll, but choose to feed it anyway with your righteous indignation? Neat strategy.

It still says “guest” under his name. Maybe this will help change that.

This is what comes from feeding trolls. They go back to their under-the-bridge colony and tell their buddies “Go to the SDMB! Those guys will take anything seriously, no matter how stupid! You can keep them going for weeks arguing the dumbest things! Years, if it’s about Global Warming.”

Nah, you know full well that you could report him without making a public spectacle of it. I think you just want to get ahead of the Moral Outrage Brigade and show off how oh-so-anti-pedophilia you are for all to see. It’s an important contest around here.

You think he’ll buy a membership now?

[Bart Simpson voice]

I think I read somewhere that children like being raped!

[/Bart Simpson voice]

About even with the "look-how-anti-racist-I-am"contest. Here at the Dope everything is about rape or racism unless it is about both. It is one reason why this place is low hanging fruit for trolls.

I’m not convinced he was a troll, he seemed pretty sincere in his desire to be able to diddle children.

Real pedophiles exist and hopefully we can find effective treatment for them one day, because life would be fucking hell if you were born only sexually attracted to children, whether or not you ever acted on it.

Do you have brain damage?

Haven’t you heard the news? The SDMB’s calendar has been updated. Now, in addition to Rape Month, we also have Pedophilia Month.

Now that you know, I will expect you to celebrate it in the proper manner.

Yup. I feel sorry for pedophiles, especially for the ethical ones that never act on it.

I liked Tropic of Capricorn better…

Henry Miller was a dirty perverted man, but he did not write about or is known to have diddled any children. This guy we’re pitting gives honest perverts a bad name.

Do we have to choose?

“He was coming on to me…he was asking for it. He was sucking the pacifier while wearing a tight diaper.”

Report him for what? There have been a few pedophile pieces of shit that festered here for far too long.

**Rigamarole ** is clearly the brain damaged troglodyte around these parts.