Ooh - Celebrex tummy ache

Eee - I just took a Celebrex for some back problems I’m having, and it’s making my stomach feel pretty blechy. Anyone know how long this goes on for?

Anywhere from a few hours to several days. Next time, remember what your doctor should have told you: take with food or milk. Never, never, ever take on an empty stomach, unless you want an ulcer and a lot of unhappy tummy issues. Try chewing some Tums or gulping down a few swigs of Mylanta. Anything like that, should help.

Now repeat after me: Anytime I take an NSAID, I will remember to take WITH FOOD or MILK. :smack:

Best way: eat a little, take your Celebrex, eat some more. From my pharmacist, and it’s worked every time since for me.

hugs Hope you feel better soon.