Ooh la La song

Does anybody have the song Ooh la La by Rod Stewart as a mp3. I would like a copy.


This ain’t Napster, bub–and the Moderators look mighty dim on the violation or advocated violation of the law on this site.

You might wanna E-mail them with an apology.

Like, now.

For “might”, read “you better”.

To Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor why don’t you mind your own business! Like right now!

…and the award for clueless moron of the year goes to…

What a dipshit! Some people just don’t get it, eh?

I hope there’s never a 26th.


The poster’s patterns would indicate a college student returning home. Never posting at school, but immediately jumping into the SD upon returning home. And taking the typical guy-attitude…"directions? We don’t need to read no steenkin’ directions.

Please do not request illegal activities and please do not insult posters in this forum. Thank you. - Jill