Ooh! Shiny! (What's this object in Justin Timberlake's Suit & Tie video?

Anybody know what the shiny and (presumably silver) horseshoe shaped object is that appears at about 1:07 - 1:08 in Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie video? Based on its placement in the video where he’s getting all snazzed up I assume it’s some sort of spiffy dress item.

Gah, I omitted the close paren in the title! :smack:

My apologies.

Tie tack? Cuff link? Cock ring?

Tiepin. Though he doesn’t seem to be wearing it during the video.

My guess is that it’s a suit pin? Strange that it’s never seen again (at least, not that I saw).

Yeah, I guess it could be a tie pin with the pin inserted into the material it’s displayed on. Didn’t think of that.

There are a variety of items displayed around that time in the video that don’t appear later (multiple bow ties, canes, , shoes, etc.), plus Timberlake wears different clothing at different times in the video, so I guess the fact that it didn’t show up later on never struck me as an omission.

Anyway, unless I hear otherwise I’ll just assume its a tie pin. Thanks guys.

Later on, he’s shown putting a different tie tack into his tie.

I noticed that at one point he was wearing a tie clasp but since I wasn’t thinking the horseshoe shaped item was a tie pin I didn’t pay attention to what else he was doing regarding his ties. Guess I’ll take another look at the video. Thanks.