OOOOKAY! We're done here. Topic closed!

On the topic of suicide, I appear to have started two pointless (bootless?) threads of all-you-can-eat-and-shit-on-Valteron that have turned into a Roman holiday.

(Hear that, folks? Roman holiday! From Byron’s poem The Dying Gladiator. Means having a load of fun while being oblivious to the suffering of another.

So I decided to just point and click and close off Straight Dope. And guess what? All of you suddenly ceased to exist for my purposes. By that simple act of pressing the “exit” button as it were, all of it stopped. Say, I wonder if there are other ways as effective to make all the bad stuff stop in other areas of life? Hmmmmm!

So Froggy went a’googlin’ and came up with an absolutely wonderful site. It is You can also google and get this site. It has newsrooms, discussion groups and most of all, it has people who have respect for one another, who understand.

So please excuse me for ever bothering you with this subject. This time I really mean it. I may post anew on SDMB, but it will be about the location of Gilligan’s Island and why their are 12 hotdogs and eight buns in the respective packages. That kind of stuff. I cannot close those threads or keep you from posting on them, and I may read what you have posted out of idle curiosity, but I will never, ever again post on those two threads. They are dead to me.

Starting a third thread was definitely the right response.

Valteron, you don’t need to start a new thread every time you have something new to say on this topic. Posting in one of the two existing threads will work nicely.

Thread closed.