Oooooo - I worked at Holt Renfrew tonight...

and my shopping radar is now set to “EXTREEEEEME!!!

Gak. It’s a good thing I’m not in that store very much - I would seriously have to sell my home and live in my car in order to afford all the stuff I’m lusting after.

AND they had a fashion show.

::…must resist shopping…groan…::

Mrs. Bernse bought a few suits (I think two Armani’s and a CK) after her grad from U there (right downtown Calgary… can’t remember the mall, but I think it was in a high-rise). When I picked her up after her fittings I pretty much had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the prices in that store! Up until then, I’d never seen a suit/outfit on a store shelf that cost more than I made in a couple of months! And that was even on SALE!


Yep. Mucho denero.

But they have such beautiful things. It makes me drool.

::slober slober::